DIY : 4 Different Types Of Divan Beds And Why You Should Choose Them!

Divan beds are pretty much one of the most popular bed types in all of United Kingdom and the reasons are more than one. These beds are customized and make for great storage units, which means more space and comfort at the same time — the perfect interior furniture.

But, what are the different types of divan beds UK and which one is the right one for you? If you want to find out, then keep reading –

1. The Open Coil Divan

The open coil divan has a whole lining of steel springs on the base of the divan itself. It gives an overall softer feel and increases the durability of the bed and the mattress. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its bouncy feel that gives a softer feel, no matter how firm or soft your mattress is. A great option for kids’ room or extra bedrooms for guests, it is extremely cost effective for you. However, if you are one to look for lumbar support and a firm base to sleep on, then this type of divan is not what you would want!

2. Platform Top Divan

When it comes to the platform top divan, the first word to pop on your mind is a clean and post modern look. Platform tops are generally made on a hardwood base of the divan which is then upholstered with foam padding. It gives you firm back support, but if you need a little more softness, then you can add another soft foam mattress on top. This type of make is great for lower back pain and gives you a good amount of lumbar support during your rest hours. However, if you are used to something softer, then this might prick a little.

3. Pocket Sprung Divan

If you wanted to enjoy the comfort of the open coil and the platform top at the same time, then the pocket sprung is your obvious choice. This divan offers firmness and the springy nature at the same time and taking a nap on this will mean Christmas for your body’s pressure points. It is comfortable to lie down on, but packs quite the pocket pinch — which is why it is often considered the most premium divan top. But, if money is no matter and comfort non-compromise worthy, then this should be your divan choice, no questions asked.

4. The Divan on Legs

Don’t need a storage unit? Well, use the divan with legs and forget about paying money for the storage units. If you have plenty of space already, this one is a pretty good option.

You can customise the base fabric options and it is great fit for your bedroom with a minimalist look. In fact, the base could be any of the above depending on your comfort!

These are the 4 popular types of divan and now that you know what’s what, you can make your pick accordingly. So, what are you waiting for?


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