DIY : 14 Best Interior Designs For Small Living Rooms With Sneaky Styling Ideas

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Do not let your small salon pinch your style. So what if it’s a tiny white box without crown molding? Or is it barely big enough for a regular sized sofa? Regardless of size, it can still be stylish, whether you own or rent. To prove our point of view, we’ve put together the best decorating tips to customize the most populated place in your home. Here are 14 Best Interior Designs For Small Living Rooms.

Modern, Boho-Inspired Living Room

Are you starting from scratch? The living room in this 600 square foot decorated by Havenly apartment reveals a simple formula for decorating small spaces.

First, stick with low profile furniture (as we mentioned above) in neutral colors. Long pieces like the coffee table create a feeling of space because you can see more of the floor. For hints of color, add a houseplant or two and a patterned carpet. Then fill this large blank space on your sofa with a statement print or an oversized mirror. Do you need a floor lamp but do not have an inch of horizontal room to spare? Consider something fixed on the wall.

Decorate Like the French

The small living room in this Paris apartment had us in hello. The big triple space like the dining room and the kitchen without feeling too cluttered or skimp on the old world style. Some smart decorating tips have made this possible.

First, furnishings with essentials, a sofa to relax and eat to eat or work, do not waste a drop of square feet. Second, a small selection of formal embellishments from crystal chandelier to ornate mirror combines Parisian chic with practical function. You can rent this charming apartment in Paris Perfect.



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