DIY : 10 Things You Should Verify Before Hiring a Moving Company

Movers and packers are constantly lauded for their efficiency, which they genuinely deserve because of their articulated minds and absolute familiarity with transfers.

However, in some cases, things turn ugly. There’s a wide gap in communications between both the client and service provider that makes it worse. Whether you are relocating within the USA or outside the country, remember, it’s your responsibility to check the veracity of information. If truth be told, no one, simply no one can guide you on moving companies in Pennsylvania or any other state unless you take the mantle in your hands.

Besides, how can you be so sure that the person by your side who’s offering sane advice about a particular company or service is true? Therefore, we have prepared a list of things that you need to find, check, double-check, and verify.

Here we go.

1. Licensed — A moving company acquires a license from the US Department of Transportation and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) after fulfilling certain eligibility criteria. Check for the US DOT Number (for example, DOT # 2XXXXX6).

2. Insured — Since moving companies indulge in the serious business of transferring things from one location to another, there’s a line of risks associated with it. This is the basic reason why business insurance for moving companies is imperative.

3. Expertise — A moving company in Connecticut must offer a profile that showcases its specialization in managing various relocation projects. The certified and qualified professionals should possess an expertise in the area.

4. Experience — Some relocation projects require tremendous experience, especially when they are daunting and time-consuming. You should count on the experience of movers to handle critical situations.

5. Behavior — A friendly and courteous mover would rather give you a peace of mind instead of a chattering/badmouthing handyman. Make sure the claims are true.
6. Professionalism — Inadequate packing supplies or equipment would delay the relocation for a while or more. The movers should exhibit professionalism while carrying out their respective jobs. And, it accounts for all kinds of jobs.

7. Record — Check out for complaints against the moving company (if any) with the help of the Better Business Bureau. The reliable companies would resolve the issues as quickly as possible to provide excellent service to their customers.

8. Reviews — Visit to read the reviews provided by several customers of the respective moving and storage company. You don’t need to check for a 5-star review but mostly positive reviews.

9. Estimate — You can narrow down the choices of moving companies to call them at your home and get an estimate. Call 3–4 relocation consultants and compare their figures to see the differences.

10. Contract — Don’t sign up because you like a quotation or review. Assess the entire information about the moving company. Read the contractual agreement and check out the specifics.

If you’re doubtful on a particular issue, you should consult with the relocation assistant for an assurance. Meanwhile, refer to the information in your hand for taking the final decision.

Author Info: Michael Holden writes several columns, articles, and blogs about domestic and international moving companies in Pennsylvania. The writer recommends that customers should verify the information about a moving company in Connecticut before hiring them.


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