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There are distinct differences between a 10-inch and 12-inch miter saw.

10-Inch Vs 12-Inch Saw

The main thing is that the 10-inch saw is slightly smaller than the 12-inch. They they have different capabilities in a workstation, and some differences take some time and observation to understand.

With the right saw at your disposal (you can see what the best miter saw models are on Carve Your Creation), you stand to produce great results in your DIY projects. Here is how these two types of saw differ:

10-Inch Saw


Speed plays an important role when working fast to produce a masterpiece.

The 10-inch miter saw is faster compared to the 12-inch. The difference in speed is due to the blade radius — for the 10-inch, a smaller radius leads to a faster spin (higher RPM), while for the 12-inch, the RPM is lower due to a larger radius.

The 10-inch spins blade spins at about 5000rpm which ensures that you get smooth cuts when doing your work. The 12-inch, at about 4000rpm, is ideal for producing larger cuts.


10-inch saws are easily accessible in any shop.

Shops will normally provide a wide range of different types of 10-inch saws to choose from. This is an added advantage to those who want to do quick repairs on blades.

The 10-inch blades are also cheaper to acquire and sharpen compared to the 12-inch, which turn out to be more complicated with larger blades.

The one thing about the 10-inch saw is that it is generally limited to a smaller-scale project. When the 10-inch saw is subjected to intense work, it often ends up not delivering to a quality standard.

12-Inch Saw


It may not always be the case, but the 12-inch saw has more potential compared to the 10 inch saw. This gives it the ability to tackle even the most demanding cutting tasks with ease.

One advantage of the 12-inch saw is the ability to change out the 12-inch blade and put on a 10-inch one when needed. Since the 12-inch saw has more power, it’s most likely going to provide smoother and better cuts.

Wide-Range Cutting

A 10-inch saw cannot cut through 2x12s, but a 12-inch can do the job; it can cut the piece into two and do the rest of the job as usual.

Don’t forget the very best miter saws like the Bosch GCM12SD which provides an impressive cutting capability up to 16 inches.

For more information, you can watch this video:


Now that you know the difference between the 10 and 12 inch miter saw, make your pick and start making your dream DIY projects a reality!


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