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So this is me again on Tuesday night ( I must be tired it was Wednesday) on the way home.

It brings to mind the Camino de Santiago. The pilgrimage whereby people walk to Santiago in Northern Spain. The walk often starts from, some people say from home. The ancient paths begin, I believe, in France and Italy.

Today I have been tired maybe it is the sun. We have had almost 60 days of continuous sun averaging 28 degrees. Maybe combined with the walking of six miles a day is making me tired. My diet also seems to have changed. I seem to prefer vegetarian options not that I am a vegetarian but if the option is there I take it.

I struggled today to get things done yet here I am still walking home so I must have a lot of motivation to do this. It always reminds me of how much of living is Mind over Matter. The determination to do despite sometimes what the body says or what we may say to ourselves.

I think I will leave it there for today.



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