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It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Give or take two or three years. Turns out though, I missed walking away. I missed blogging. I missed having an outlet to be creative. I missed a place to tell my stories. I missed my readers. I missed so many things about blogging.

You might be asking, “well then, why did you shutdown Ravishing in Plaid?”

Well, simply put…I got tired of updating it regularly. I was continuously trying to keep up with the Joneses (those other amazing bloggers out there who were pushing out seven posts a week). And I burned out. I was paying for a domain and website I wasn’t using regularly, and I was convinced I was done. So, I shut it down.

Fast forward a couple more years, another child added to the Burke clan, a move into a new house, a thriving side business…and I started missing a place to put my words again, my thoughts, my ideas, a place to get a little bit vulnerable, and show a little bit of my creativity. Thus, Ravishing in Plaid 2.0.

But things are going to be a little bit different this time. I’m going to blog when I feel like blogging. Frankly, I need to be able to give myself and my readers my best work. And that’s just not going to happen when I am throwing up content seven days a week. Let’s be honest, I have three kids and a job I work from home. Ain’t nobody got time to post constant material when you are chasing around three kids. But you’ll always be able to follow me on my Instagram (I post almost daily there). And I’m going to set myself a realistic goal to update the website two times a week.

You also might be asking, “why the .net instead of the old .com?” Well, it turns out when I let go of the .com domain…some nice person/company bought it and wanted to charge me $300+ dollars to get it back. Sorry dude, I’m not so important that I need to fall into that trap….the .net will work JUST FINE.

So here is to the new Ravishing in Plaid 2.0.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you.



P.S…Don’t forget to follow the new ravishinginplaid.net.


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