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I hear you on this, Annie. I started attending church 14 years ago, at a non-denominational church. I was separated from my ex-husband at the time, going through the divorce process. The people I met back then who introduced me to God we’re all about Jesus: love, grace, forgiveness. Though they also taught me a balanced view of God, and they taught me the whys behind the whats, like how it breaks God’s heart when our relationships are broken because of how much it hurts US.

I could never claim a denomination back then because I was all about Jesus, to the point of knowing that even he disliked religion. And now, 14 years later, after a pretty intense and beautiful faith journey, including service with Mennonites for three years, service with Young Life for two, graduate schooling at a Baptist University, attending Episcopal church in South Sudan: I still cannot claim a denomination, and I think that’s ok!

I believe church can be anywhere: on a street corner talking with a homeless person, in a living room with your writing group, at a diner with your colleagues. But I also appreciate what a physical church building can bring to our lives. I have been struggling, BIG TIME, to find a place to land in southern Orange County, as far as churches go. It is so hard to find some place where I feel comfortable after the experience I had living in South Sudan. I’m still searching.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.


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