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Turn To The Window Cleaning Professionals And Avoid The DIY Hustle

Window cleaning is not just about sloshing water onto the glass and watching it wash the grime away. There are plenty of factors that come into play, from the kind of soiling, be it loose particles or stubborn gunk that is adhered to the surface, the kind of equipment used from the washing to the rinsing and drying stage, to the cleaning agents employed, and your safety as you carry out the task. As such, the DIY window cleaning is fraught with risks, and mistakes that are made end up being costly. These include:

- Damaged windows
Your goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime that has covered the windows, not shatter the glass into pieces- which is what is likely to happen when you use power washers for the cleaning. Using the same power washer on the floors, walls, patio, decks, sidewalks and driveway, then deciding to apply the same forces to blast the dirt off the windows may look like a neat trick and convenient option. After all, you get to get the task done in moments, and the pressure you use will easily get rid of those stubborn spots too, right? Wrong. When these forces are directed to the window, that brittle glass will give into the pressure almost immediately, and now you'll need to budget on finding new windows.

The cleaning agents used also factor in. The stubborn dirt spots, like those from insect residue left behind as the little creatures were streaking across the window, to others like mineral deposits from acid rain and oxidation effects of the metal frames, require tough cleaning action. This may cause the DIYer to reach for the powerful agents used around the house to remove the stains on hard surfaces like walls and floors. This puts the window at risk, from the glass getting etched, to the chemicals reacting with the seals and frames. 
Speaking of seals, when they are damaged, be it from the high pressures of the power washers use, or corrosion effects by harsh acidic cleaners, it affects their functionality. For the double panned and triple panned windows, they will let air in between the panes. This air contains moisture, which will condense and the droplets will settle on the glass surface, resulting in a "fogging" effect that make it difficult to see out of the window, or let light in. Getting this fixed can turn out to be as costly as buying and installing a new window.

- Unsatisfactory results
Spending all that time and energy, then windowing up with smears and streaks on the windows, can be frustrating. This can be caused by any one of multiple issues. Take for instance using detergents and not properly rinsing them off. This leaves behind a soapy film on the glass surface. On the other hand, the DIYer may be working on a hot day, and the glass dries fast before it's rinsed- or perhaps you were working on too large an area that, before you were done with the initial wash with the cleaning agents, the section you had started on had already began to dry up. Sometimes you may not notice the smears until you're done. While working on the glass, looking directly at it, it appears clean. Thereafter when you take another position to observe the glass from a different viewpoint, you notice streaks on it. Whichever the case, the streams and smears are unsightly, and they are a mockery of the efforts you`ve made. That`s just the start of your troubles. They are a dirt magnet. The residue on the glass traps dust particles floating around, causing the window to get soiled, meaning you`ll need to repeat the task much sooner than you had anticipated.

- Bodily harm
Even the DIYer is at risk. Take for instance working on the windows with home-made cleaning agents that contain alcohols like isopropanol. These cause headaches, dizziness, they depress of the central nervous system, and also cause nausea and vomiting. In this case, the rest of the persons on the premises can also be affected. In those instances where ladders are used, especially when reaching high-rise windows, then there's the risk of fall accidents occurring. You don't want a sprain- or worse, a fracture, simply because you were cleaning the windows. Avoid these all by calling in the professionals to take care of the task for you.

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