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Believe it or not, position matters when it comes to sleep. As a daily activity, it is really important for a person to keep the posture right while sleeping or choose right materials according to your preferred posture while sleeping. As we discussed at Sleep Desires that if you choose the right pillow according to your sleeping posture, then your spine, neck and head will be in proper position. Keeping these parts in proper position will ensure an excellent next day with painless neck and head.

Lets have a look at different sleeping postures and appropriate pillow choices for those:

a. Stomach Sleeper

Pillows that have soft polyester fibers are best for stomach sleepers. Though sleeping on stomach can be uncomfortable, but it is one of the most chosen sleeping postures.

“A baby sleeping peacefully on a bed” by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

b. Back Sleeper

Pillows filled with a bit harder polyester or a pillow which has both feathers and down feather are the best for back sleepers. With the recommendation from doctors, this position is also one of the most favorite postures.

“A young woman in a lace dress sleeping on the forest floor” by Andalucía Andaluía on Unsplash

c. Side Sleeper

Memory foam pillows are the best pillows for the side sleepers. In our blog, we have a detailed review on the best memory foam pillows available right now. These pillows are excellent in terms of taking your shape so that your neck and spine remains at proper position.

Photo by Rafal Jedrzejek on Unsplash

Just because of choosing a wrong pillow can easily cause a hell of neck pain and headache. To avoid having these issues, pick up the best sleeping materials that supports your whole body and posture.


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