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Wondering how to design the perfect dining room? We’ve got a handful of tips you can explore!

The dining room is progressively becoming a space that is less and less discussed. And yes, we are in fact blaming you, open-plan kitchens! As you very well know, open-plan spaces that fuse together both the kitchen and the living room have made enjoying a meal with your family and friends a flowing, liquid process: cooking has become a massive part of it. As a result, we get more fun and satisfaction from it, perhaps, but the traditional idea of a dining room is starting to feel a bit old and outdated. Shall we say, “demodé”? However, we might still need one: what about Christmas and birthday dinners, when you are hosting a meal for 20 people? Also, regardless of the fact that you may or may not have an actual dining room, a good dining set will never look outdated, even in an open-plan kitchen. In short, learning how to design a fancy dining room is not at all that hard, but it may be something we are not that much used to anymore. Ready for a refresh?

A minimal, polished design by Bauline


First things first, before you decide which table and chairs set to get, you need to figure out what type of lighting you would like to have. For instance, some people prefer having one statement chandelier. Some others would rather go for a few pendant lights scattered here and there; others prefer wall lamps, and so on. Once you decide where you want light to come from and how intense you want it to be, THEN you can start planning the rest of the space. What we can suggest here, is that light can certainly be quite dim and delicate around the table, but not above it: you want to be able to actually see what you’re eating rather than guessing it. Moreover, we’d suggest to make bold choices here: the type of pendant light or chandelier you choose can influence your dining area quite dramatically.

Gravelli gives a soul to concrete

Benches = informal touch

Especially if your dining area is part of your open-plan kitchen, you might want to keep things light and informal. Of course it all depends on the level of luxury of your kitchen too, but in general, a dining set inside a kitchen is supposed to look warm, welcoming and inviting rather than impossibly fancy. And if we’re talking about informality, then a couple of benches are what you may be looking for: benches always make for an informal way of sitting at a table, making for a throwback to the old college days when you used to have your meals sitting on the benches at your canteen.

We 100% adore Bulthaup: how could we not?

Mix materials

Another way of adding informality to your dining area is by mixing different materials. You know, if there is something we love about today’s style trends in general (whether it’s interior design or fashion), is that there is an unprecedented freedom to really follow your heart. Sounds a bit cheesy? Maybe, but finally, you are 100% free to grab that antique solid wood table you discovered in a thrift shop and combine it with those vintage plastic and steel office chairs you snatched at a garage sale you randomly stumbled upon. What matters now is not the consistency of a room’s style, but rather, the consistency of YOUR very own sense of style. As long as you feel like you are being true to yourself, nothing else matters.

Take a look at more designs by Brucs!

Glass? Yes, please

There are indeed a few downsides to having a glass table, mostly the fact that it is going to be permanently covered in fingerprints, unless you obsessively clean it after every time you sit at it. Still, a glass table is quite a fancy touch to your dining area! Besides, it also makes for some unusual but striking combinations, like here, for instance: a transparent glass surface is combined with the crumpled steel of the table’s legs. Crumpled steel is quite an unusual choice and a very risky one at that, but pairing it with a sleek glass surface has worked amazingly!

A brilliant, refined dining room set by Italian brand Riflessi

White for small spaces

Everyone knows the biggest interior design challenge is not decorating a spacious room, but having to deal with very small spaces. That’s where you can see if an interior design is actually brilliant! You can still have a small dining area, no matter how tiny. The picture below is an excellent example of how even the narrowest of dining areas can still be functional and look stylish. The all-white floors, kitchen cabinets, walls and chairs trick the eye into thinking this space is much bigger than it actually is, while the matching countertops and wooden surface of the table create depth and texture, thus avoiding any feeling of coldness.

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A great way of boosting the atmosphere of your dining area is by selecting chairs that look similar, but not identical. The risky way of doing this is by choosing designs that belong to different brands, styles or interior design eras. Needless to say, you need to be extra-careful if you’re planning to tread down that road. However, if you don’t feel too bold, you can always follow the safest path: just select a set of chairs belonging to the same collection, but with different colors, upholstery or materials. Your dining area is going to look amazing, dynamic but still in perfect harmony!

100% Dutch furniture by Spoinq

Wanna be dramatic?

If drama is your cup of tea, then what you need is the most dramatic color of them all: black. Combine black with a statuary table, and your dining area will look pretty stunning. Even more so if you go for black leather chairs! Some might say this is a bit too much, but in reality, a little bit of drama never hurt anybody; plus, you can always select a few colorful accessories to turn the drama down a notch.

Discover luxurious all-Italian brand Ivano Redaelli!

Color coordination

If you have a favorite color, why not style your dining room with it? Whoever designed this dining area clearly had yellow in mind, and their final design is an excellent source of inspiration. The main color pop is the massive chandelier, which is in fact the first element that catches our attention; then, once we start looking around, we notice discrete yellow touches all over the area. Color pops are particularly effective in brightening up your interiors when combined with warm but light-brown furniture, which brings the color’s liveliness out.

Take a look at beautiful, hygge-inspired furniture by Domus Arte Italia

Bold geometries

Color is not the only way to make your dining area design more dynamic. Another pretty effective way is by employing some unexpected, bold geometries! Bold geometries are not always the comfiest, but all you need is some pillows to make your chairs feel comfy and look ultra-cozy!

Something tells us you are going to love the creative designs by LGTEK!

Go small

As we were saying earlier, a small dining area does not mean you should go for a shabby design. In fact, you should play with your small interiors! These sturdy wooden table and chairs are designed after children’s toy furniture, and this playful touch is what is going make your dining area burst with cuteness!

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