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For all those who value their own comfort above all, air conditioners have long been transformed from a luxury item into a means of immediate necessity. This is not surprising, because, in recent years, the summer heat in our country is simply unbearable, while the air conditioning is almost the only salvation!

It is clear that the air conditioner is a very functional and necessary device. It’s another matter that many of our compatriots do not deserve to be deprived of it by “signs of attention” on their part. Traditionally believing that the air conditioner is enough to buy and install in its space, the lucky owners of this miracle of technical thought make a big mistake! Like every modern household appliance, air conditioners need regular care. And not only on the basis of considerations of ecology and aesthetics but also in order to ensure the maximum life of this indispensable equipment.

Cleaning the air conditioner — step by step instruction

The guarantee of long years of successful operation of your air conditioner will be its timely and high-quality office cleaning. The algorithm for these actions is very simple:

  • First of all, it is necessary to turn off the air conditioner from the outlet.
  • Next step — carefully remove the front panel and carefully take out the air filters. As a rule, modern models of air conditioners have two air filters.
  • Filters that are part of the air conditioners can be washed with warm water with any detergent that you prefer.
  • It is enough to dry the air filters, they can be mounted on the same place.
  • Gently fixing the front panel, you can be sure that the commercial cleaning of the device has come in a quality and with the observance of all safety rules.

This simple complex of measures should be carried out twice a month. Failure to comply with this rule is fraught with a lot of problems — over time the air conditioner will not work at full capacity, and dust from dirty filters will get into the drain pipe. The breakdown of expensive equipment will pay for their own laziness and negligence …

However, in addition to self-office cleaning the air conditioner, this device requires scheduled professional care. It includes commercial cleaning of the internal and external radiator. In order to keep your device intact, you should not try to solve this difficult task on your own! Moreover, the specialists of our cleaning services are ready to help you at any convenient time of day.


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