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Due to massive heat, sun rays, or other elements like grease, oil, salts, etc. can harm driveway. The driveway can become uneven, irregular, breaking and messing up without the protection. You can take care of your driveway with little effort like you can overcome such problem by protecting, sealing and protecting your driveway.

What you have to do first, check the weather before you start your driveway. Be careful during rainfall because you can’t do this while rains, you have to at least 48 hours of sunshine. Before you begin a plan to seal your driveway, do clear some of these things like:

· Look for any type of cracks, oily stains, some areas that are breaking, or potholes.

· If you find any type of oil or grease stains, immediately removing them with hot, or soapy water.

· Most driveways will have at least a few cracks, which need to be repaired before you use a road sealer.

5 Steps for protecting and sealing your driveway

1. Clean your street

The first step is, you have to use a broom to sweep dust and other garbage from the roadside area. Then use spray and bleaching powder to kill insects. In the last, use a water bottle to clean the area.

2. Repairs patches and holes

The other step is, you will need to wait for an hour to dry road completely. After dry the surface, you have to fill up the cracks and holes.

3. Seal cracks by hand

Tie your belt and start using a brush and fill the gap with the help of squeegee. It will be an excellent effort for covering the surface.

4. Pour sealant on your driveway

Continue the process periodically so that nothing can be left over. Use the best an angle for filling the extra holes so that it can meet the final look for a driveway.

5. Apply another coat on the same drive

After noticing that the dry sealed area, so you may see that few holes still could get a chance for second touch, especially the corners of the surface. Due to the second layer, it will help to make a stronger look to protect that area.


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