Summer is here, which means travel season is peaking. Thanks to Airbnb, many homeowners are able to make some extra income while they travel. As the home rental market is rising exponentially, so is competition. There are simple ways an owner can make sure their home stands out from others. Design is a crucial aspect and something I look for when I’m booking an Airbnb.


One of the most important things travelers look for when booking a place is the bedroom; more specifically, the bed. Your bed should look comfortable, inviting, and clean. The easiest way to do this is with white or light colored bedding. This includes bed sheets AND the duvet. It’s important the sheets and your duvet cover are the same color or shade. This not only makes the bed look bigger, but also more comfortable. To kick it up a notch, add a throw at the bottom. Restoration Hardware has some great faux fur ones that are pretty affordable! There is a reason any 4 or 5 star hotel always has white bedding; it’s easy to see that they are clean and gives guests peace of mind.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are a super important visual draw. Not only do they add layers, it shows that you care about the space and put in thought to the design. Throw pillows should be added to your seating and bedroom areas. Things to look for when picking out throw pillows are pops of color, texture and graphics. If your home is feeling a little bland, picking some colorful pillows will help add a splash of color. If your home feels a little cold or sterile, texture is the cure. Mongolian, or faux fur pillows give a cozy feel while leather provides a touch of luxe. Graphic pillows are also great for showing off your home’s personality. Alexandra Ferguson and Society 6 are great places to find some of these.

Refresh your apartment

Any personal photos, or decor items (i.e. — your diploma, awards you’ve won, any memorabilia) should be hidden. Have a box to put these items in and store them. Guests want a ‘hotel’ feel so having baby photos of someone else ruins the vibe. Replace these items by adding some cool artwork on your walls. There are so many companies out there that provide affordable art.


Artwork is like the accessories to an outfit; if the accessories don’t match, it can throw off a good look. Make sure the artwork coordinates with the rest of your decor. If your home is traditional, look for abstracts with watercolors or black and white photography. If your home is modern, go for some pop art. And if you lean towards rustic, botanical prints or scenic paintings may be the route to go!


Think spa! Make your bathroom an oasis for weary travelers. Super easy updates include decorative candles and matching towel sets (make sure to include a bath, hand, and face towel in matching colors.) Mismatched towels can look very “college dorm-like” or messy. Adding a bathrobe(s) are another great way to add a touch of hospitality to your home. Hang them on a nice hanger or leave them folded on the bed for a luxe look. Last but not least are your bathroom counters. If you are like me and love to collect hotel toiletries, here is a good use for them! Place a nice tray out and add a few essential toiletries; It will make a world of a difference!


I can’t stress enough how important plants are to your space. They purify the air and give it an airy and inviting feel. You can put them anywhere and everywhere! Palms or Fiddle Leaf Figs are an easy no-brainer. If you are short on floor space, hang them from the ceiling with a planter. If you have a black thumb, there’s hope for you yet. CB2 makes it possible to have a cactus wherever you live or if you are on your third Fiddle this year, get a drought resistant one. All plants look good and go with any space no matter your style.

Source : https://rivergateapartment.com/how-to-get-your-apartment-airbnb-ready/


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