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You put in a lot of efforts to make our very own modern living room. From selecting modern furniture to deciding a modern decor which highlights the living room, a lot of effort is put into it. Designers usually use simple colors and designs and make our living rooms look glamorous and visually appealing.

In-order to help you transform your living rooms from normal looking ones to modern and suave looking living rooms, efficient painting can help you in many ways. There are many interior paint ideas, that designers follow which can help you achieve this.

Here are a few tips on using paints to give the magical modern touch to your living rooms:

1. Perfection with Pastel:

Pastels have been used to make appealing decors for the living rooms. Paint colors infused with white color reduces the tone of the color and gives an elegant and soothing look to the living room walls. Infusing with white color ensures that the colors don’t look overwhelming. The best pastel color choices are Mint Green, Bluish Pink, Lavender, Lilac or Peach. Pastel color along with a right mix of white shade in furniture and ceiling can add the special effect you are looking for.

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2. A Monochromatic Approach:

Instead of looking at various colors to select the right combinations, it is a better option to use a single color for your entire living room. A single color for your walls, furniture, accessories, and decor items speaks a monochromatic tone. You can use the same color but in different paint shades to give that advanced monochromatic look to your walls. This simple color choice can help you get that Mod look without complicating the process.

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3. Using a striking contrast:

You can add value to your living room by using a contrasting wall color which is both soothing and neutral, with the furniture and accessories to add a dramatic value. For instance a green couch like in the picture below can add the desired effect. You can use bold texture paints, metallic hues or designer finishes and pair it with modern furniture to give a classy look.

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4. Use a Minimalistic Décor:

It is not necessary for us to fill the room with different colours or a lot of furniture. A simple approach can also help to give that modern appeal to the living rooms. By ensuring that we don’t clutter the living room with furniture or accessories, we can use a simple all white theme to bring the best out of our living rooms. This minimalistic approach can also help in cutting down the paint price. In these situations, you can create a focal centre to add visual interest and character to the room.

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5. Using the Darker Colours:

A well designed living room look can be established by using a combination of dark shades on walls and light coloured furniture. A dark colour like black on the wall attracts the brightness where in the light coloured furniture like grey can increase the highlights of the whole living room. This creates an amazing resonance, hence making all your guests to always remember your living room.

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These above paint ideas can increase the whole appeal of your living room to a very urbane level. As, living room is the first room to be visited by your guests, it needs to capture their attention and leave an unforgettable mark in their hearts. These modern paint ideas would help you achieve that royal and elegant feel to your homes.

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