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Electrical inspections are not only meant to determine if you meet the electrical code requirements, they are also a line of defense when it comes to electrical hazards. You may live with many electrical flaws without having losses or damage to property, but you shouldn’t wish for that. It is better you remain safe than you say sorry. Many fire accidents you see in homes are because of electrical hazards that can easily be identified if you consult with a Commercial electrical contractor.

You use your appliances everyday and the electricity too, but rarely do you consider if the electrical system and the appliances are working properly and safely. Commercial Electricians are guided by a set of standards put forward in the electrical code and they follow them to ensure your home is safe and passes the electrical safety inspection.

An inspection failure occurs because of electrical defects in homes. Electrical codes are tight and if you have not had an inspection done in the last five or ten years, it is likely that there are things that need an update. You may have failed smoke and fire detecting units or outdated outlets that don’t serve their purpose. This means you are exposing your family to dangers of fire or smoke.

You may also have added in more appliances but the old wiring wasn’t changed or upgraded. If this is the case, then you are inviting dangers like damage to equipment or a fire outbreak. Homes that haven’t received a recent inspection may lack GFCIs in areas like the utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and home exteriors. An inspection helps determine whether you need to install GFCIs or not and which areas to install them.

Your home may also not have dedicated outlets designed for major appliances and probably what you use are extension cords or power strips. If that is the case, you want an inspection performed to see which Commercial electrical circuits should be added and where they need to be placed. Incorrect sizing or outdated wiring is a common phenomenon in homes that aren’t inspected, particularly order homes. The wiring done 10 or 20 years ago may not be in line with your commercial electrical needs. Inspecting the property helps identify your wiring needs or updates.

It is also likely that you have pull-chain lights rather than wall switches which need to be replaced. The presence of knob and tube wiring is another concern for older homes or the ones that haven’t been inspected.

Frankly speaking, there are so many things that require the attention of an electrician and without an inspection, they may remain posing a lot of risks. Think of things like overcrowding of wires or having wires that are in contact with each other or with the insulation, they create a hazard. A Commercial electrical contractor checks all possible flaws within your Commercial electrical system and suggests the right solution for you. They will ensure you are up to date and your home is secure. An inspection may call for an upgrade , which helps ensure efficiency in the use of electricity at home.

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