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When you hire a builder to build custom designed handcrafted log homes in Cochrane, learn if your builder has a flexible schedule. Such a schedule will provide him with more opportunity to better control costs and allow him the time to achieve a high standard with regards to quality. If you are concerned with quality primarily, the cost will be on the higher side and it will take more time to complete the construction. If however, staying within a specified budget is your primary consideration, you may need to accept a more modest quality standard. For example, if your builder specializes in high-quality craftsmanship, it will not come cheap.

When you are looking to build best handcrafted log cabin in Cochrane, you will notice that a lot of such homes are built in the mountains — regions that tend to remain cold throughout the year. Yes, they are popular for winter retreats because of their distinct appeal and look. But you can enjoy log and timber homes all year long. When you build custom designed handcrafted log homes in Cochrane, you are able to create a space that will work well irrespective of what season it is.

You may be primarily looking for a winter getaway, or even for a summer cabin to hike and cruise around the lake. Even if you have specific seasonal goals, you should create a space that you can use all year. Take advantage of this opportunity to find ways to enjoy your home. Add a little creative touch.

For winter activities, you can include a ski-in ski-out area. To build best handcrafted log cabin in Cochrane means it will function well for you for all four seasons. You can also include a bench for seating, or even extra storage.

Look and feel of your mountain home

If you have dreamt about a log home for years, it is time to transform the image in your mind into a your very own physical home. It is a good idea to incorporate plenty of outdoor space in your home if you love the outdoors. If you have a screened-in porch, you will be able to enjoy outside even when it is raining. An outdoor fireplace is a feature that you can use to warm up after a day of winter skiing. The same space can be a cozy spot to roast marshmallows in summer. You can store seasonal equipments and toys in a toy garage or an additional garage bay. This area could house your RV or 4-wheeler or even your snowmobile.

You need to make sure that your architect understands your vision. The challenge for him is to give you confidence that you need to go ahead with your dream project, and he can do that only if he is able to create a design based on your vision. Your mountain home should blend into the surrounding landscape. You should get clarity regarding how your home will look like on your property. Check if your property is wooded or sloped and check with your architect to better understand how your home fits into the lay of your land.


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