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Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz — Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash.

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Did you know that four of the top 10 best cities for returns on property value are located in Germany, according to Frank Knight global cities index?

Frank Knight’s research lists Berlin’s at the top of the world’s risers. This follows several years of soaring prices in the capital. The average property price in Berlin has increase by more than 120% since 2004.

Other German cities in the top 10 include Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. But overall house prices in Germany still remain low compared to other mega cities including New York, London or Hong Kong.

10 Fastest Rising Property Markets In The World (2017)

  1. Berlin 20.5%
  2. Izmir 18.5%
  3. Reykjavik 16.6%
  4. Vancouver 16%
  5. Hong Kong 14.8%
  6. Budapest 15.5%
  7. Hamburg 14.1%
  8. Munich 13.8%
  9. Rotterdam 13.4%
  10. Frankfurt 13.4%

Combine the afforadable cost of housing with Germany’s current position as the largest economy within the European Union. All of this means that there’s more international interest in living and working in Germany than ever before. The problem is that the home buying process is often overwhelming for people who aren’t German citizens. That’s why LoanLink was founded.

Buying a home is complicated and stressful. Mortgage information is too complex. LoanLink simplifies the experience by transforming the traditional painful paperwork process. We combine certified mortgage advice, advanced digital technology, and superb customer service to provide transparent and independent professional advice international buyers can trust. And we help our customers in English.

In addition to sharing useful practical information from home buying tips to news about current property regulations, we’ll also be bringing you the latest from LoanLink corporate as part of our mission to provide transparent and independent mortgage advice via LoanLink HQ in our LoanLink Magazine.

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