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Think about the place or the person…where you feel like “home”. Where you find the warmth, the seaside breeze, the zestfulness of life.

How often you find the answer as yourself? Rarely, no?
We find home in other places, in other people. Someone we appreciate, someone who give their time and positive attention to us. We all have this kinda people, don’t we?
After every day, cherry good or heart breaking sad, we tend to go back there.
But what if those people change? What if their time and positive attention is not given to you anymore like before? Or worst, what if you don’t appreciate those people like before?

This is the moment, we feel so out of place. Gone the iron strong stucture.

“Just an alien
Oh, we just want to get home again…”
Silent screams and invisible tears.

You find yourself, undefined and lost. With broken bones and crinkled skin. With poison breath and drumming heart. Watch closely…you end up with yourself. No matter how bad you scrutinize every step, every act, every breath, every heartbeat…
So why don’t you love the evil of yours? Why don’t you appreciate the constant? Why don’t build the home inside the cage of your broken bones?
Lets find the warmth inside the beat of your heart. Let it be yourself, where you want to come after every good and every bad day. 
Even after millions of storms and rain and sun, it’ll still be there, safe and secure till the last breath whispered…


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