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Mass customized hangers: Buy online, take a selfie, worldwide shipping.

Ready, Set, Launch!

WHERE? Kickstarter. (Our earliest supporters will receive limited edition gold hooks!)

WHEN? Oct. 1, 2018 -to- Nov. 5, 2018

WHAT? The Bespoke Shirt Hanger. For: t-shirts, polos, blouses, button-downs, sweaters, sport coats and lightweight jackets.

HOW MUCH? Starting at $2/ea on Kickstarter! The Bespoke Shirt Hanger MSRP is $5.49/ea.

WHO? Shipping Worldwide. (Excluding Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. You may be responsible for paying duties, fees and taxes applicable to your country.)

WHY KICKSTARTER? This enables us to: (1) finalize our sizing chart using real customer pre-order data, (2) align the initial investment in manufacturing molding and tooling with the customer demand data, & (3) build relationships directly with our earliest supporters and customers!

Direct-to-Consumer Shopping:

  1. Buy online.
  2. Send us your measurements: (i) Take a selfie (iOS/Android devices) -or- (ii) Use a tape measure (self-measuring instructions/ask a friend/tailor)
  3. Shipped to your doorstep.

Just Take a Selfie!

Self-measuring your neck & shoulder size is as easy as a selfie! We partnered with Nettelo Inc. to provide this service to our customers free-of-charge. Your data and privacy is our greatest concern. After processing your sizing, your photograph is not kept or stored. Your measurements are only stored in your customer profile. You can manage your customer profile on our website.

About the Engineering & Design:

  1. Neck Size: a perfect fit and the real, round shape of your neck.
  2. Shoulder Size: a perfect fit to your shoulder width.
  3. Neck Angle: tilted downwards to correctly and evenly support the collar.
  4. Neck Scoop: easy to button/unbutton on the hanger; side-by-side nesting; and even further space optimization [available with the space-saver kit] by alternately staggering hook heights.
  5. Human Shape: every curve/contour mirrors the real human body shape.
  6. W i d e A r m s: extra-wide arms properly support the entire shoulder line without causing creases, wrinkles, and dents in the fabric.
  7. Surface Finish: anti-microbial, anti-odor, and adds surface friction to safely grab fabrics and lock-in 360° garment support.

Your Size! How’d we do that? Mass Customization:

First, we manufacture and stock individual parts. After you order, the selected parts go through a final assembly process. The hangers can’t be disassembled and they’re strong enough to last a lifetime. Our proprietary sizing chart is highly accurate to both your neck size & shoulder size. The sizing chart fits nearly all men and women around the world (from Women’s Petite, Asian sizes all the way up through Men’s Big & Tall sizes). Strictly speaking, the sizing chart is comprised of body measurements and therefore it’s Unisex. In addition to a personal-fit, the clothes hangers can also be fit to clothing patterns and further customized to the needs of business customers (eg. clothing brands, tailors, boutiques, etc).

Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) & his invention

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States from 1801–1809, invented one of the earliest clothes-hanging systems (left), a mechanical rotating horse with forty-eight arms on which he hung his clothes.

O.A. North, U.S. Patent, January 12, 1869

In 1869, O. A. North of Connecticut invented the first wire clothes hook, the predecessor to today’s ubiquitous wire coat hanger.

Albert J. Parkhouse (left), his wire hanger invention (center), & patent filing (right)

The wire coat hanger was invented in 1903, when Albert J. Parkhouse (left), an employee of Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company in Jackson, Michigan, responded to his colleagues’ complaints about coats falling off crowded pegs by twisting wire from the production floor into shape (left-center). Parkhouse refined his invention until everyone at the company was using his hangers.

Schuyler C. Hulett, US Patent, June 15, 1932

In 1932, Schuyler C. Hulett received a patent for a hanger with cardboard tubes (left) on the upper and lower portions to prevent wrinkles in freshly laundered clothes.

Despite innovations in technology and materials, Parkhouse’s design remained fundamentally unchanged for 115 years . . . until The Bespoke Hanger™ — fit to your neck size and shoulder size. Invented in 2018!

Upcoming: An Exciting Product Lineup!

We’re launching on Kickstarter with The Shirt Hanger model. Next, our pipeline is full of many new and innovative products! A preview of the road ahead:

  1. The Bespoke Shirt Hanger: is the quintessential daily-use hanger (and the only product available in our Kickstarter campaign).
  2. The Bespoke Coat Hanger: is built stronger to hold heavy coats, jackets, and leathers.
  3. The Bespoke Suit Hanger: features an extra-wide diameter pants bar plus our soft-touch finish to safely hold onto delicate fabrics (1 or 2 pants bars).
  4. The Bespoke Pants Hanger: features an extra-wide diameter pants bar plus our soft-touch finish to securely hold onto pants (1 or 2 pants bars).
  5. Modular Accessories: hangers that fit you and fit your lifestyle.

Inventor Statement:

Reuben Luria, Inventor, The Bespoke Hanger™

It all started from personal dissatisfaction. I’ve bought, borrowed, and stumbled upon hundreds of different clothes hangers. But, I was never satisfied with how any of them performed! So, I set out to design a clothes hanger with all the features that I wanted. Beyond my borderline obsession with clothes hangers, they are an essential daily object for anyone who owns and wears clothes (i.e. everyone!). Recognizing the scope of the problem, I set out exclusively to use traditional manufacturing methods and materials. However, I also needed to combine manufacturing with other technology solutions that weren’t available at the time of my Aha! moment, 10 years ago. This idea of a “better clothes hanger” has been stewing in my brain ever since. More recently, I dropped out of graduate school to transform my thesis research into a business plan. During this process, I came across newly commercialized technology solutions. So, I immediately reconnected these findings back to my clothes hanger invention. Today, I’m proud to finally share the success of my 10-year long invention process and launch this product to customers worldwide.

Media Kit Photos & Videos:

Dropbox link


Media inquiries: media@bespokehanger.com

Business inquiries: b2b@bespokehanger.com

General inquiries: info@bespokehanger.com

About Bespoke Brands LLC:

Bespoke Brands LLC is introducing The Bespoke Hanger™ family of products (Patent Pending). The world’s first mass customized clothes hangers — made in your shoulder & neck size! Our proprietary systems serve both consumer & business sales channels. Founded in 2018 and based in Milwaukee, WI.

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