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Fighting greasy traces on wallpaper at home can be quite effective, especially if you immediately begin to remove contaminants. You can use the following recommendations for cleaning services:

  • An ordinary school eraser will help remove greasy marks if the spots are not too large in size.
  • A fresh stain of fat is easy to remove. This will help with paper napkins and iron. It is necessary to attach a piece of paper to fresh contamination, and from above to walk a warm iron (it should not be hot). The procedure should be repeated until the wallpaper is totally green cleaning.
  • Cope with old or persistent stains will help gasoline. It should be ensured that the room is well ventilated. It is also recommended to work in gloves, so as not to damage the skin. Initially, you need to test: apply a piece of wallpaper general cleaning gasoline and leave to dry. If there are no traces left, you can house cleaning the wallpaper. Apply gasoline to the finishing material with a cotton swab, gently wiping.
  • Bread fights well with traces of fat, but you need to regularly change it, so as not to smudge the stain on the wallpaper.
  • Many housewives, trying to get rid of greasy soils, prefer absorbing agents, for example, chalk, tooth powder, talcum, starch or soda. Any of these means must be crushed with water until a thick mass is obtained. It is put on the stain and allowed to dry (for 10–12 hours). Remove the remnants of the means from the wallpaper by using an ordinary dry brush.
  • Remove grease spots from vinyl wallpaper, on which there is a note “washable”, the easiest. You can use a detergent and a damp sponge.


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