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After they’ve left.

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash

Empty house:

Filled with happy ghosts,

Bright laughter,

Warm whispers,

Lives joined in love and sorrow.

Such a full empty!

A loved one just sent her youngest to college, so her solid, warm house that rang with footsteps, teasing, animal gallops, and the chaos of teenagers is suddenly quiet in a way that it has not been in many years. It has to be startling, heartbreaking, and also something to deny for a time while knowing it’s going to come and smash you in the heart — and will choose the time you least expect it, say negotiating for a raise or making an important point in a meeting.

Friends have also brought their children to college, celebrated weddings, and marked joy-filled life passages where rooms emptied as loved ones move on and out into the world.

This is not to mention the dogs, the cats, and all the other animals in these homes who have died. And friends, elders, and other people who shared meals, watched movies, played endless board games because the young ones liked it.

Lives lived so full, so vibrant, and present in a house cannot be so easily forgotten or erased. Possibly spirit lingers, unwilling to leave a place so loved and so loving.

If October is the month for the scary and the macabre, September is the month for friendly ghosts that fill now-echoing rooms, prompt memory and flashes of forgotten joy.


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