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Effective ways to clean soap scum from the shower area

Isn’t it surprising that the very area — the shower — that is meant to keep you clean is often the hardest to tackle during your home cleaning rounds? And it is because of the constant attack of soap scum and bathroom grime. The bathtub and the shower area may be somewhat difficult to clean unless you are armed with the knowledge on how to do it effectively. Try out some of these tips the next time you tackle this chore:

  • Make use of steam inside the bathroom — you know that a steam cleaner is a marvellous tool that can quickly deal with a wide range of cleaning tasks. As it turns out, steam can also help you with the soap scum accumulated in the bathroom. Fear not if you don’t have a steam cleaner, and don’t bother renting one. You can easily replicate the effect of this tool. Just rinse the area you want to clean with hot water or wait till someone takes a shower and tackle the grime then. Steam from hot water will loosen the soap scum, making it easy to clean. This works on whatever surface you have in your bathroom, be it glass or tiles.
  • Use a homemade recipe — another way to tackle soap scum is to make cleaner by yourself. Mix some washing-up liquid, water and vinegar. Fill the ingredients in a spray bottle, and apply it in mist all over the surface. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth. Rinse the area thoroughly afterwards. This solution is effective, since it cuts right through the accumulated soap scum, while nicely cleaning the residue thanks to the washing-up liquid.
  • Use a specialised cleaner — if you want a no-hassle, quick way to remove soap scum, you can always use a product specifically designed for this task. It is true that you can also use alternatives, such as the one described above, but sometimes the problem is so severe that it requires heavy-duty cleaners. You will find that such product needs less scrubbing overall, but you have to be careful. They release vapours, which can make you dizzy. Ventilate the room and run the exhaust fan while you are cleaning.
  • Use a kitchen scourer — for areas that have minerals from hard water and soap scum set in deeply; you will need something tougher than a kitchen sponge. Use your kitchen scourer to scrape off the residue. Don’t apply too much force, or else you can scratch the surface. You can double up with an old toothbrush for cleaning soap scum on taps, chrome surfaces and plug holes.
  • Cleaning soap scum from the shower — this is easy when you know this trick: remove the showerhead and soak it in a solution of one part vinegar and one part water. You can soak a cloth in this solution as well and wipe the pipes.

Now that you know how to tackle cleaning the bathroom from soap scum, you can better keep the place clean.

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