Home : Does your home insurance cover digital music, videos and photos?

According to the recent article written by Paloma Kubiak and published on yourmoney.com, more and more home assets are stored digitally, therefore it is important to note the differences between home insurance policies and what exactly is covered.

The policy wording of 26 home insurers was analysed and 20 of them (77%) stated they offered some protection for loss or damage to digital assets.

It was also stated that most policies refer only to ‘electronic data’ or ‘downloaded content’, while others specifically outline digital assets as music or videos. Just two policies include specific wording to cover digital photos.

Chris King, head of home insurance at Comparethemarket, mentioned: “Many people have no idea how much their digital assets are worth but would be devastated if they lost expensive games, files or precious photographs.”

Read other findings from this research here: https://goo.gl/rSgm8n

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