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Death of a patriot

Away from home and family. Away from love and care. I stand here with guns and their horrible sounds. It was dream to serve my country, but to serve it with guns and blood was not really what I dreamt of. I’m in a battlefield, in here mathematics, physics, accounting, nothing comes into use. The only thing that matters is how you protect yourself while killing others. Yes, I have killed. I have killed fathers of many innocent childrens. I have begged to god to forgive my sin. Today it is different, today it’s raining, the soil is all wet and our clothes too. But this doesn’t stop the flow of inside our body. This does not affect our patriotism. Rain does not slow down the bullet flying towards our chest. Many people have died today. My friends, enemies. Someday I will too. Maybe in the last moments of my life, I will think of my home. While the soul leaves my body I will miss my father, mother, my beautiful wife and my daughter. I am running here and there fearing life trying to kill men I have no desire to kill. I came down to earth on my kness but still I grab my rifle and continue my sin. By the time the battle was over for the day, the few of us left alive would join our camp and mourn the dead. Our clothes were covered with rain and blood of patriotism. We would sleep and eat with alert mind of what might happen. Today it is different. Enemies surround our camp as they enter inside killing each and every one of us. The gun pointed on my head, I didn’t reach towards my gun as I said goodbye to my home.


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