Home : Checklist to Follow For Custom Home Building Fredericksburg TX

Even if you have hired a building contractor that proudly claims to be an expert in custom home building it will be unwise on your part to rely blindly. In most of the cases claims and promises are often found to be high and far from reality. Therefore, to make sure that you get what you pay for and not waste hard earned money follow the checklist working alongside your custom home builder. The land on which you build your custom home is very important. You must check things like its frontage, title insurance and conduct a land survey. Also check for water table, septic system soil test, solar heat and possibilities of land improved.

Finance and Closing Checks

Before closing the deal you should check for financing as shortage of funds will delay the project of Custom Home Building Kerrville Texas as well as the features that may be included in your custom home. Review loan documents and prepare specifications sheet. check for materials and labor cost estimates, septic system permit, building permit, construction loan closing and submit loan application. After closing checks include requirement of building license, compliance bond, water tap and meter. Order for services like electricity and water and check the site plan. If there are subcontractors check references, license, liability and other insurance, bond, guarantee of their work and its duration.

Materials and Other Checks

Always get written estimates and check for low bidder’s quality from Small house builders Kerrville TX. While buying materials select at least three reputable building supply firms with the best combination of service, supply, terms and price. Checks that you need to make at the site and foundation involve rough grading, cutting and gravel on driveway, clear site plus work area and temporary power pole. For the foundation check the crawl space or basement, batter boards, foundation and pour footings and walls and lay block. Check for pre-treatment for termites, waterproofing, backfill, garage, form boards, plumbing, vapor barrier and landscape.

Masonry And Miscellaneous Tasks

When you check the exterior during and after Custom Home Building Fredericksburg TX, include windows, doors, siding, trim, fireplace and rough frame and deadwood. Check the roof for shingle lines, vertical splits and four nails for each shingle. Also check the metal flashing and cornice. Apart from that make sure you check nailing instructions of the siding manufacturer. Check the installation of garage doors, exterior paint and stain and arrange for necessary clean up.

Heating and Cooling

There are also a few other checks to make such as the heating and cooling which must be in accordance to the floor plan. Smaller systems are usually more efficient but if you have larger rooms use multiple systems for heating and cooling. Make sure you get the rough-in approved by building inspector. Apart from these you must check the electrical rough and show outlets and according to your need and appliance placement. Check the wiring plan, recommended amp service and insulation in the house as per the recommendations of the power company.


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