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Anthony Lee Winns Jr. is a longtime IT specialist who has overseen diverse aspects of logistics, communications, and the building of technical infrastructure. Passionate about music, Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has an interest in music production that takes advantage of home studio capacities.

With digital music mixing and mastering programs allowing artists to work with a virtually unlimited number of tracks, the days of needing an expensive studio console to achieve quality results are gone. In addition to a computer with the memory necessary to handle large .WAV files and software such as Logic Pro, a quality microphone that enables decent all-around recording is required.

Most studio builders start out with large-diaphragm condenser vocal mics and expand from there into small-diaphragm condenser mics, which are ideal for instruments with a high-frequency range such as cymbals, piano, and acoustic guitar. Yet other microphones are designed to accommodate the deep notes associated with kick drums, bass, and other low-frequency instruments,

With a multitude of cables required to connect mics, speakers, instruments, and the digital audio workstation, a last essential element is quality monitors (headphones) that allow recording over existing tracks, as well as clear sound during playback.


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