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Part 9: Our journey into minimizing

I’ve been writing this series as a way of documenting our journey from a 2,300 square foot home to an 835 square foot apartment.

I haven’t written anything for almost three weeks. It’s not as if things have come to a standstill. In fact, it has been quite the opposite.

This move has been different for us in various ways.

We haven’t had to do it all at once. It has given us time to carefully go through possessions that were previously shoved into boxes from previous moves.

We had the time to put together a moving sale by creating a Facebook page. Every day I would add more items to the page. While I could have simply used Marketplace, I’m more of a control freak and wanted to have what I was selling in one convenient place. I invited people to like the page if they were looking for furniture, and so it allowed me to know the items were going to people I knew. It was more personal that way.

Plus, it was a rush! I put a lot of time and energy into posting pictures, negotiating prices, and coordinating pick up dates. This adventure has been the equivalent of a summer job the last three weeks. The cool thing is that we’ve been able to buy some new items with the money we’ve made to replace old ones we’ve had for 20+ years.

We had time to put a garage sale together and held it on the day of our village wide event. We got rid of most of our decor, small appliances, and miscellaneous items.

We’ve been able to start making the physical move to our apartment in small doses as well. We take a load of boxes, unload them, and put things away. We picked out new bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture and had it delivered.

And yet…

While all of those activities have been positive, I’m so ready to be done with the move and closing of our house. We are still a week away. I feel like we are living in purgatory, not quite in one place or the other. While we will officially be moved into our apartment in a couple of days, we will still be coming back to clean the house and do some last minute details before the closing date.

It’s also been humbling that we had to get a container to haul away a bunch of stuff we wanted to throw away from our attic, garage, and house. It makes me nauseous knowing it will all be going to a landfill.

I’m also torn by the fact that we had to rent a climate controlled storage unit. My son wants the piano but doesn’t have the space for it yet. He and his sister both learned to play on it and it was a gift from my husband’s parents. I’m okay with that. However, we also have totes of stuff we aren’t yet ready to let go of. That’s the part that bothers me.

Even though it feels like we’re in the homestretch, we’re not quite there yet.



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