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Analysis of the data shows that only 0.1% of the standard mortgage loans for housing purchases in the first quarter of 2017 were borrowers with credit ratings below “620”. Leading credit rating agencies have put the majority of consumers in a good credit history and prime-lists. A significant number of these borrowers struggled to get a mortgage from a traditional lender. In addition to stricter mortgage criteria, the nature of the job itself also varies with fewer borrowers who meet the standard underwriting criteria due to the nature of their employment. The lack of financing of the “long lever” since the crisis of 2008 prevents the ability of creditworthy families to borrow money for education and housing and to avoid poverty.
The Block66 project intends to establish local partnerships with brokers in different geographic regions of the world in order to ensure a constant flow of funds for checking and crediting reliability.

Evolution of the mortgage sphere

At the initial stage, the Block66 project will be an appropriate mechanism for the side of borrowers and lenders offering a three-fold savings offer at the usual time of the mortgage. In addition, Block66 aims to become the most unified platform for the brokerage sector in the world, as well as thanks to the fact that lenders are more efficient at meeting the needs of borrowers. All loans will be issued through a distributed chain of blocks, and the funds will be debited through the received smart contract. In addition, in carrying out this activity, all documents related to mortgage transactions will be checked and stored on the block, providing an unchanged history and credibility.
Keeping a hash of documents related to the loan will ensure full transparency of both the lender and the borrower in accordance with the principle of transparency during the audit and unscheduled inspections.
Official website: https://block66.io/

In Phase 2, the Block66 project also turns into an optional platform for lenders to create symbolic mortgage-backed securities.
Nevertheless, Block66 will make this presumption for the asset class, and no other company in the cryptspace will publicly work on the mortgage, and most likely with the creditors already working on the platform and using it for creation. This factor will be a natural addition to allow creditors to securitize their loans using the same product.
Block66 will create a single platform that will not only match the capital of a private and large lender to borrowers, but also securitize the obtained mortgage agreement. Combining these opportunities, Block66 creates a unique proposal of its own with the ability to change the structure of mortgage lending from the West and in countries such as America and Canada, and then on a planetary scale

ICO Details
Name of the token: B66

Type: utility token

Total tokens: 305,000,000

Tokens for ICO: 155,000,000 (pre-trial 50 million, main round 105 million tokens)

Cost: presail — 1 token for $ 0.10, basic ICO — 1 token for $ 0.15.

Softbank: 3 000 000 USD

Hardcap: 12,285,000 USD

Accepted currency: ETH, BTC, BCH

Token distribution:

40% — 120 million — Block66;
10% — 30 million — a team, advisers, generosity;
50% — the public preliminary sail (50 million) and the main round (105 million).

The basis of a reliable partnership

Block block project Block66 seeks to work closely with BrickBlock, as they develop an exchange for trading tokens associated with real-world assets.
Block66 costs on the Internet are paid exclusively in BNET tokens. An example of such fees is:

commission for the borrower’s application paid by the broker (to cover expenses of third-party KYC, credit check, assessment, insolvency report);
opening a credit line provided by the lender and changing it (for example, splitting or merging with other assets);
proof of a credit token (PoL) or receipt of payments on loans expressed in Etherium, from the general agreement on the franchise PoL.In fact, the Block66 team intends to set up network payments, simulating them based on factors such as competitive analysis, costs for third-party services (for example, credit rating or evaluation service providers), and operating expenses. Team Block66 in accordance with existing project rules can not increase commissions , without risking to reduce the use of the network, as well as can not reduce the commission, without reducing its profits.
Block66 represents the first, but significant step forward for the mortgage lending industry. The mortgage lending industry is one of the important remaining significant sectors that resisted the steady onslaught of technology and innovation. Invariably, however, and that there are evolutionary emergent systems in this direction, to correct the risks created by all parties involved in this process. Most likely, it will be obvious that the real estate market, based on cryptography, is ripe for supporting partial cash transactions, there must be a bond market based on the block chain

Official website: https://block66.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/block66_Official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Block66Official
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4686847
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4511083

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