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“Lion” was the movie that actually inspired me to take adoption seriously, and it’s a wonder for I’m very rarely affected by movies. Movies are way beyond reality, right? Yet, this was a movie that had actually moved me to take a decision to adopt when I’m legally and financially capable to do so. Adoption was not something new for me — there have been numerous Bollywood celebrities who have adopted children and now lead happy lives — my biggest inspiration would be the erstwhile Miss India and Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, who is a single mother to two beautiful daughters.

My only answer to the question “why do you want to adopt?” is — I just want to give some love to a child in need. There are so many children in the world who have been abandoned, surrendered or simply neglected because there is nobody to take care of them — why not tend to them and give them a better life? Religion, caste, race, colour… do they really matter in the end? Can we ever replace the warm feeling of being loved and accepted by a family, especially when you’ve been through abuse and exploitation at the hands you’ve known around you? If you, why not them?

Of course, I’m aware of the harsh reality. Adoption costs in India (or anywhere) can be huge, and I’m unsure whether I would be considered capable for the same or not. What I’m sure about is that this is not a whim, this is something that is part of my life goals. I hope I would be lucky to find a soulmate who would share my ambition, and bring in a child into the world together — otherwise, be a single mother and raise my children to be good individuals.

In any case, I won’t give up. I hope God supports me in my decision as well. I know that it would be a tough journey when I’ll be finally able to contest for adoption, I just pray that the journey would be worth everything in the end.


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