Home : 7 Smart home cleaning gadgets to do the hard work for you

WINBOT 830 Window Cleaning Robot

Thanks to its smart suction fan, the W830 cleans surfaces including vertical glass, framed or frameless glass, frosted, filmed or colored glass, horizontal surfaces and more. The W830 is smart and simple to use with one-touch operation and automatic “N” or “Z” cleaning paths.

Why we love it: Keeping your windows clean is tough, especially with corners. This robot handles it with ease and all it takes is a touch of a button.

iRobot Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Designed to leave your floors sparkling, this compact yet mighty robot is equipped with iAdapt Navigation and a full suite of sensors to move about your home with ease. The Roomba 614 has a three-stage system to clean your floors: first, it agitates to loosen debris, then is brushes, and then suctions to the floor to ensure it’s all swept away.

Why we love it: The three-stage cleaning process will make your floors shine in no time.

Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball

It’s a fluffy robotic duster with a mind of its own. Roaming freely around your home, it picks up dust and dirt and it even navigates around obstacles. Just sit back and let it do its thing — it’s got so much personality you’ll expect it to hop up on your lap and start purring.

Why we love it: The cleaning ball has been well programmed to reroute its path even when it encounters corners.

POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum

This intelligent robot cleans your floors with the power of the Force. The POWERbot comes in two forms for the world’s greatest space opera franchise: Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Both take on the iconic shape of the helmet yet achieve a practical design for cleaning every corner of the room.

Why we love it: If you’re a Star Wars fan like us, you’ll love watching this vacuum glide around your home.

Tetra Connected Countertop Dishwasher

Incredibly innovative, this smart home device is a miniature yet intelligent dishwasher. Unlike the bulky machines in most homes, the Tetra Dishwasher is ideal for homes with two to three people. There’s enough space inside to clean 10 plates or 12 pint glasses.

Why we love it: When it’s not cleaning your dishes, it doubles as a countertop sous vide.

Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

This powerful device is going to revolutionize the way you clean. Self-contained, Sonic Soak is a compact device that delivers modulated ultrasonic waves. These waves travel super fast through the water to absolutely disintegrate dirt and bacteria even down to the microscopic level.

Why we love it: It works with everything from your clothes to your kids’ toys.

Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot by iRobot

With a press of a button, it blasts away leaves, dirt, and clogs in your gutters. Looj travels through your gutters and intelligently senses debris in order to determine and execute the best cleaning method applicable.

Why we love it: It’s powered by a remote so there’s no need to keep climbing the ladder.

What’s the toughest home cleaning task for you? Can any of these gadgets help you do them faster?


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