I can’t be the only one who frequently mistakes the concept of need with that of want. This can be a somewhat costly habit if you’re not careful. Nobody wants to be the victim of unstoppable impulse buying, and yet shoppers guilt is a feeling many of us have to carry. Slinking home severely out of pocket, bags stacked with things we absolutely did not need and thinking of excuses for why we bought them is a special kind of shame. Thankfully, throughout my years as an ardent shopper, I have refined my skills somewhat and now consider myself to be a full-fledged bargain buyer. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to compromise on style or quality to keep your expenditure low. We’ve put together a range of bargain buys that are too good to say no to, all for under £50. No more hanging your head in shame, no more hiding the receipts for your purchases. From cushions to coasters, welcome to guilt free impulse buying…

George Cushion

Photography credit to Distinctify

Who’d have thought it possible to get a luxuriously stuffed, feather filled cushion that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? In this economy? The George cushion will bring modern charm to your home for just £35. Whilst everyone else is drowning in Scandi furniture, keep your head above water by adding the trend in small doses. Fabrics in monochromatic shades will stay relevant long after the trend tides begin to turn.

Aldi Kirkton House Towel Rail

Photography credit to Aldi

After the devastation of missing out on Aldi’s pendant desk lamp back in 2017, I vowed never to make such a mistake again. Now I’ve got my finger on the pulse of everything Aldi, refreshing their site to see their newest home bargains and wandering the mysterious middle aisle aimlessly for hours. That’s how you end up coming home with quirky gems like this Kirkton House Ladder Towel Rail. It’s a renter’s dream as you’ve gained storage space, without drilling unnecessary holes in the walls. For just £14.99 you can inject a touch of farmhouse charm into your bathroom.

Wooden Storage Boxes

Photography credit to Tk Maxx

Quirky storage alternatives are my kryptonite. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that at some point the realisation will hit me that I have run out of space to store my storage solutions. But considering I haven’t reached that point just yet, here are some Rustic Storage Boxes. Playing with twee, rural fixtures in your design scheme to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere within the home. Just £39.99 buys you four boxes in two different sizes, so you’ve got storage covered for a variation of shapes and sizes.

Pendant Lamp

Photography credit to Iconic Lights

Unsurprisingly, we’re still championing exposed bulb lamps. Yes, you probably have hundreds of them already in the form of string lights, standing lamps and likely even table lamps. But it’s impossible to walk past those sculptural beauties. Hints of industrial chic are counteracted by the delicate glow of antique filament bulbs, making it pretty difficult not to be entranced. You’ll certainly fall further under the spell for this Iconic Lights Pendant Table Lamp when you find out it could be yours for just £20.

Dalmation Coaster

Photography credit to Oh What’s This

Now if you were looking for a definitive example of things you absolutely don’t need, but will definitely want, these Dalmation Coasters from Oh What’s This really take the bacon. At £12 a piece they are relatively dear for coasters. However, I love the mix and match look so recommend investing in just one or two to juxtapose with your other accessories. Alternatively, these quirky marble pieces can be used as a ring tray or are perfect for tea lights. Now you have at least three explanations for when guests ask you why on earth you invested in a Dalmation print coaster. You’re welcome!


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