Home : 4 Hacks to Prevent Your Workspace from Dumbing You Down

Many working professionals are now working from home.

How can this transition impact your workspaces and/or home offices? And now that your home office is out of public view, have you stopped caring how it looks? Whether you’re a full-time work from home employee, student, or occasional home office user for monthly bill payments, many often utilize home offices as primary workspaces.

Therefore, it may be a worthy question to ask yourself…Are your spaces reaching their full optimal level for efficiency? Or are they cluttered and full of distractions?

Take one minute to analyze your workspace as it is right now.

What do you love about it? Are there any aspects of your workspace that can be improved? Do you have unpaid bills floating on your desk or taco wrappers still sitting in the corner from last week?

Take this minute to ask yourself, “If someone looked at my workspace objectively, what message would it say about me?” Maybe your answers range from unorganized, clean, messy, or even peaceful? Write your answers down and allow yourself this moment to examine if changes are really needed. Be honest with yourself without negative judgment.


Not lovin’ what you’re seeing? No worries! Start trying these three simple and effective steps to increase the efficiency of your workplace starting today.

STEP 1: Clear the trash

It’s easy — discard the food wrappers and those job fair pens that don’t have ink in them anymore. You will be surprised as to just how much junk you have been storing unknowingly.


  1. Stationary you no longer use
  2. Defective items, i.e. a hole puncher that can’t punch a 3rd hole any longer.
  3. Old bills or papers you no longer need.
  4. Items that do not belong in home offices, i.e. dining table linens
  5. Any literal trash — yes this includes your Krispy Kreme donut box.

STEP 2: Start decluttering + donating.

Stop holding on to items that are no longer usable. Refrain from using the excuse, “oh well, maybe, one day, this might come in handy?” Chances are, if you haven’t used a particular item (that’s causing this debate in your mind in the first place) in 2 years, you probably won’t be utilizing it anytime soon.


1) I had a family member that held on to a meat lovers cooking book, when he was himself, vegetarian. That may be a bit senseless.

2) Holding onto a full bucket of free items you had received over the course of a lifetime, from job fairs, free educational events, or company gifts.

3) There are many non-profits that could really use your donations! Pick out the usable stuff and help out a cause close to your heart.

STEP 3: Learn how to look at your items from an objective, non-attachment, and non-emotional view.

You don’t have to hold on to an item due to emotional attachment or social obligation. Example: your friend gave you a vase, which internally you think is absolutely hideous, but hold on to anyways, well because, she may visit one day and ask you where it is. Learn to be honest in a polite and loving way, especially if there are gifts given to you that you absolutely know are not useful or make you feel anxious or sad.

STEP 4: Start Buying Organizing Buddies

What are organizing buddies you ask? –Any item that can aid in the organization of a space and serve a primary function of grouping similar items together.


  1. Bins and jars.
  2. Filing cabinets and folders.
  3. Paper organizers.
  4. Desk organizers that can hold pens, pencils, and important stationary.

There are various places to find cost-effective organizing helpers ranging between prices of only $1.00-$10.00:

T.J Maxx • Home Goods •Amazon.com • Wal-Mart • Target 1$ Stores • Jet.com • Michael’s Crafts

Tip! Use mason jars from the $1 store to help store small items like paperclips or batteries.

I truly believe that when your space is clear, your mind is organized, and when your mind is at ease, you can live a happier, more blissful life.

Tried any of the above tips? I’d love to hear your experiences below!


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