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Home décor has an important place in most people’s lives. For every expert designer online, there are plenty of DIY wannabes who wish they had those skills. These days, different lifestyle bloggers have taken over the internet. They keep posting different ideas and ‘Life Hacks’ to help improve their readers’ lifestyle. Most people place these bloggers in very high regard and take their suggestions extremely seriously. Bloggers are very helpful as they inform their readers about different sites from which to buy cheap furniture online. They also have an extensive knowledge of the furniture stores, who’s-selling-what and what-not.

However, we have a few items that are equally adored by different bloggers and they swear by them. This article will entail four items of living room furniture that are spotted in almost every lifestyle blogger’s living room.


Every living room has a full-sized sofa, but in order to add a touch of elegance on a budget, you can get yourself a loveseat. While looking for cheap furniture online you will land upon a variety of affordable loveseats or British two-seaters. Every lifestyle blogger has them lying around in their homes. Different bloggers give their home tours as well where you can see a settee lying among their other living room furniture. It can enhance the setting of a living room and gives an upgraded look.


While decorating, or redecorating, most people don’t realise the necessity of having pillows. Basically, no home is complete without pillows. However, not every room needs to be filled with them, but there is no way living room furniture is complete without them. Buy cheap furniture online like an average looking sofa and pair it up with a few colourful inexpensive pillows to build up its visual style. Look at any leading bloggers’ video home tours and be amazed at the sheer number of pillows everywhere.


The lighting of any room is a major mood stimulator. Especially in the living room, there should always be a sufficient amount of light. Natural light brings out the true colour of your living room furniture, but lamps play an equally important role. They help improve the ambiance of the living room, especially if soft, warm yellow lights are used. Almost every lifestyle blogger has lamps in different parts of their homes. However, lamps may not always be as inexpensive as one would think. However, there are sales every now and then. Plus a little DIY doesn’t really hurt when you are decorating on a budget.

Wall Arts

A living room lavishly decorated on the floor but deprived on the walls is certainly not going to win any home design awards. Spending all your money on the furniture and little, or even nothing, on the walls is not recommended. Buy cheap furniture online or from stores that have sales going on and save some money back for the walls. It’s a general misconception that wall arts cost a fortune and counts as a luxury. If bought from sources like Pinterest and Etsy, they don’t even come near what living room furniture alone will cost. Get the designs of your choice from these sources, print them, put inside a frame and hang them on the wall. Every lifestyle blogger has at least one such item in their living room. It is the most inexpensive way to enliven the living room on a budget.


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