Home : 2 Days In NY Made Me Realize There’s No Place Like Home

I’m working from New York City this week. Thought it would be fun to spend the 4th of July here. I spent a good chunk of my adult life in Toronto, so I didn’t think NYC would be as jarring as it has been. I’ve only been here two days and I’m ready to come home to Tampa.

Being in the city has made me realize a few things.

1- I really, really enjoy the quiet nights without a billion cop sirens.

2- It’s hard to sleep when you can hear traffic below you constantly.

3- Garbage. There is garbage literally everywhere.

4- Crowds make me reaaaally nervous.

5- I really prefer not being able to smell a city.

We tried to go see the fireworks for the 4th of July. I say “tried” because we were stuck in a huge crowd of people and our vantage point was mostly covered by a large fence and some trees — and people taller than us. We only got to see a tiny bit of the fireworks.

And then leaving — oh dear god, the throngs of people. The impatient drivers trying to make it through said throngs of people. The incessant shrieking of horns being pressed angrily (because honking your horn is really gonna help!). We gave up trying to make it to the subway and walked back to the hotel instead. It took almost two hours, and our bodies were aching when we were finally able to lay down. My partner and I thought this would be a once in a lifetime experience, and we ended up looking at each other and saying “it wasn’t worth it.” I’m glad it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience.

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