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Starting point

You have to come back not because someone needs you to, but because you need to.

There are some points in life where you would feel down, hopeless and not driven enough to continue on. That’s why you have to come back- coming back from where you came from would be the best way to keep you going. Going back to where all your dreams and hopes become a journey. It is where it all started. It is the first place where you felt that you can do something with your situation, that you have to do something you can be proud of, that you can be anything/anyone you want to. It is where you can always find comfort and ease. It is the place that will remind you, who you truly are, no matter, how you’ve come.

So, if you’re having a bad time and feel like giving up, do not hesitate to come back. For that place will always and always welcome you back no matter, how many times you wanted to come back. You can fall back on it. It doesn’t really matter as long as you’ll be able to regain the same excitement as when you first dreamt.

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