DIY : Winter DIY projects! – Goodnest

There’s no reason to dislike winter. There is so much to be done! It is the perfect time to be productive and get some indoor DIY projects done or do some fun craft activities.

Stain it, repaint it, distress it. There are a lot of things you can do with an old bit of furniture to give it a new lease of life!

  • Install extra storage in your wardrobe or closet.

Go down to the hardware store and buy yourself some shelves, brackets, screws and in no time you’ll be a DIY pro.

  • Make your own bath bombs.

This is a simple, fun indoor activity for a wet and rainy day. Check out this simple recipe here and go crazy!

  • Paint the interior of a room.

A new coat of paint doesn’t hurt. Is there a room you’ve neglected? Or one you’ve always wished you hadn’t painted previously? Get onto it this winter while you’re inside. 
You could always paint a feature wall if a whole room is too much. They’re an easy way to modernise a room and make it a lot more interesting.

This one is a bit more extreme and is more suited to the experienced DIY-er. Or a Goodnest pro. But, if you have the know-how, winter can be a good chance to get it done. It can open up a ton of space in living areas.

No, not like Trump. Alternatively to knocking walls down you could build one! Do you want to make the toilet and bathroom separate rooms? There are many options to what you could do to your house.

Another lower level DIY project but something that will help spruce up a room nonetheless!

  • Knit yourself some warmth

Something fun for a cold evening or even a weekend activity with the kids! Teaching them how to knit is fun for all. Plus there’s a definite practical benefit with this one.

Don’t get caught out this winter. Just because the weather is bad does not mean productivity stops!


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