DIY : Why You Should Install a Fence During the Winter

Prepare for spring with these reasons why you should install a fence in the winter

Few homeowners would consider the winter as one of the best times of the year to have a fence installed. Here are three reasons why the snowy season should be the time to finally put in the investment you and your family have been wanting:

Save Money

Often, fence companies offer promotions or discounts to those who get a fence installed during their slow season. This is because they want to keep their best crews around and often incentivize their products to keep their teams busy.

These savings could mean that the fence could be customized to fit your personal style rather than just a plain privacy fence or straight vinyl. No doubt, plain fences are great options but wintertime savings can allow those more ornate options to become a reality for a decent price.

Save Your Yard

If the ground hasn’t hardened into a deep freeze for an extended period of time, a fence can certainly be installed.

During this time of the year, the cold weather makes the plants dormant which means they can take more of punishment without receiving too much permanent damage. Plants that may have had to be replanted somewhere else in the summer can be built around during the winter saving you a lot of time and effort.

Another perk of winter being a slow season for the industry is that the project schedule will be shorter. Without a lot of other projects stretching the crew’s attention, the wood, vinyl or aluminum fence will go up in no time. This is less time with equipment resting on your grass and tearing up your yard: a huge bonus for the season.

Additionally, if you want other projects going on during the winter like pool installation or utility repair, fence companies can work around the schedule of the other contractors more easily during the winter. Consequently, there aren’t any gaps in the work and your entire project will be finished on schedule.

Enjoy the Spring

This may seem like a simple point, but it is a vital one! Putting in a fence during the winter allows you to worry about other things in your yard than a project like an installation. Get a head start on the landscaping of the season if you already have the fence put in, instead of holding off on the work until it’s installed in the spring.

The warming season before the summer heat sets in is far too short, meaning that you want to enjoy your yard instead of worrying about the project going on. Install the fence in the winter and allow yourself to take advantage of spring however you would like.

Fence Contractors

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