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Have you ever heard the song, “I Want to Take This Job and Shove It?” by Johnny Paycheck? Yes, that is the singer’s name and it really is a great song. So great it was a huge hit in 1978 and today not only still heard on the radio, but considered a work anthem among those who have a horrible job and dream of quitting. Quitting to find a better career that pays better, get respect, and all around enjoy going to each day. I felt that way when I was in my twenties and realized the corporate world was not for me. As a creative, and entrepreneur at heart, I wanted to work on fun projects and do something more with my hands making a difference in peoples lives if possible. That is when I stumbled up candle making and started my own candle business ten years ago. Fast forward to the present, I have come to learn that even now it is a perfect time to start a candle business and here’s why.

1. Next to greeting cards, candles are the next most popular item sold in the gift industry.

According to a number of gift trade publications, candle sales among retailers indicate come in second place next to greeting cards. The main reason for this is it is a versatile gift — often given to both men and women for any occasion, and can be used to set the mood, for decorating one’s home, or the first thing to grab when a bad storm knocks out the electricity. Candles have been around for thousands of years and as newer types and styles of candles are coming out into the market place, there will always be people buying them.

2. The start up costs to starting a candle business is more affordable than ever.

With $500 not only can anyone can learn how to make candles, but also take the left over money to start a website or set up an Etsy account and start selling. Granted there’s more steps one has to take to go from candle maker to business owner, but the cost of candle making supplies is more affordable than ever not and more resources are available now too — from YouTube videos to online courses and DIY books, to achieve the goal of starting a candle business too.

Basic Candle Making Supplies

3. More candle choices equal more profitable niche opportunities.

The variety of candles have greatly changed since 20 or 30 years ago. No longer are there just taper candles for the dinner table or a simple jar candles with a simple scent that can be found in a department store, but so much more. Today more types of waxes and wax blends are being used to create candles. Candles come in more styles and shapes. The choices of scents have even opened new doors of possiblities — think boutique/spa type candles alone. Retailers see this as an opportunity to drive more customers to their shops — giving indpendant gift shops more of a competitive edge because carrying multiple candle lines to fit their customers tastes and lifestyles drives sales. All in all, as newer candle materials become available and newer lifestyles imerge, this allows anyone with little to no experience to capitalize on new opportunities.

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4. Candle businesses have low overhead costs.

It is so easy to run a candle businesses and operate it out of ones home — garage, spare room, basement. This means more profit can stay in your pocket than going to rent for a commerial business space or payroll. However, one should note, small expenses such as hosting a domain name for a website, marketing (whether it’s the cost of business cards or social media ads), and the like are still present, but easier to manage than a larger type business that may require office equipment/furniture, a sales staff, etc.

5. A candle business can be either a side hustle, a part time or full time job.

The wonderful thing about candle businesses is that it can be flexible to your needs. A person looking to just make a few extra dollars on the side to take the leap and quit their day job and make a living full time at their candle business, all options are on the table. Most start small selling online via etsy or set up and sell at a few art and craft shows a year while they figure out the details like perfecting their candle brand. As businesses grow they branch out into wholesale or open a candle shop. There are no limits to how one can start their own candle business.

Feeling inspired or want to look into candle making or starting your own candle business? The next step in learning more about candle making or starting a candle making business is looking at the resources available on the topic. There’s a lot of free online resources such as Facebook groups, forums, and even some candle suppliers that offer tips and tricks too. One resource to check out is an online course on Palm Wax Candle Making for Fun and Profit that is launching soon covering both how to make candles as well as start a candle making business. If you have some additional resources to share or questions, leave a comment!


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