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Why shouldn’t you DIY for your Wedding/Event?

Recently it has become very popular to have do it yourself projects for your wedding or event. But do people really realize what all is entailed in? While it may seem easy, it is way more of a headache than what it is worth, don’t try and do it all on your own! That’s what we are here for, here’s why you should hire a professional. Now catering an event yourself sounds like a good idea, but if you do this you better have some experience cooking for that many people and understand you won’t be able to enjoy the event at all.

There are multiple things you need to look into when looking for a caterer. What kind of quality of service you want is one of them. When looking at catering companies a lot of people will want to go to a restaurant that says they offer catering. However restaurants are used to making one dish at a time, rather than serving 200+ people at once. Restaurants are also mainly supplying just the food, they aren’t experience in helping the event run smoothly.

There is a big difference between getting a catering company and having a restaurant “cater” your event. When you hire a catering company to do your event you aren’t just having someone supply you with food. They are bringing so much more, like supplying the hospitality that you want to convey to your guests. The last thing you want to be doing at your wedding or event is clearing off plates or making sure the tables are all aligned the right way. A professional is not just there to provide the food but to also make the overall presentation matches the aesthetic of the event. A good professional will take care of all the small details most people don’t think about. People won’t know why they feel good at your event, they’ll just know that they feel good and are leaving happy.

Small details can really make or break an event, for example fogging the area before to make sure people are not getting eaten by bugs can change someone’s whole experience. They will be keeping an eye on the weather around the time of your event in case they need to adjust anything. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, they are going to help you with tents. A lot of people might think oh we’re just doing it in our parents backyard we can put up the tents ourselves. Putting up tents sounds like an easy task, however you have to know where the gas and water lines are before you go putting in tents. An experienced catering business knows this and will help get it taken care of. If you are wanting to have a fireworks show after the reception, no one thinks about needing licensing and permits. All you have to do is tell them the kind of hospitality you are wanting to convey.

We want your event to go perfect for you and for your guests. If your event goes well it looks good not only on you, but also the catering company you hired to do the event. Don’t over commit yourself to doing everything on your own, you should be able to relax and enjoy the event.


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