DIY : Why DIY pest control is bad news… – Squashexterminatingsolutions – Medium

Nowadays, it is common to hear about different “DIY” or do it yourself tactics for routine household issues. Sometimes, pest related solutions are offered that might seem like harmless suggestions, but can ultimately develop into a huge headache. When it comes to things like bed bugs, people understand why a professional might be necessary to properly exterminate the infestation. On the flip side, with more standard pests such as bugs or rodents, people seem to believe they can save a buck and attempt to solve the problem on their own. Think about it — how much can it really take to get rid of a few ants anyways?

Well, in reality — it takes quite a lot. Some of the things that make an exterminator a true professional are the safety precautions they take, knowledge of the various chemicals in play and experience to provide a thorough solution. The gap between what people can purchase in stores, versus which chemicals a licensed exterminator has access to, makes all the difference in terms of effectively dealing with your pest problem.

Another important aspect to consider when handling your pest dilemma is that you might be able to get rid of an issue on your own, but can you guarantee it wasn’t just a temporary fix? It’s the comprehensive approach that a certified exterminator is able to bring to the table which can truly get the job done right. Although it might seem pricy and possibly even unnecessary at first glance, certified exterminators turn out to be the best option for your peace of mind and most importantly your safety!


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