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How many times did you throw away the last few seed beads you were left with? I mean, when you have up to 10 or 20 pieces left. Personally, I never do it. I like to use them all, even if there is not enough for one project.

One of the things in beadweaving, that fascinates me, is how small a beaded bead can be. It can be teeny-tiny made of the smallest seed beads, and still making a meaningful point in your creation. In rush for big beautiful and sophisticated beaded beads, which would be used as a pendant or the very center of. a necklace, I would like to offer you to take a different way. Make a small beaded bead, which you’d use as a final touch detail to your main piece.

Here are a few examples 👉🏻

It can be a simple one CRAW cube element like you can see in my RockScatter bracelet, or you can make a little herringbone rose bud with widening and narrowing as I offer to do in my RockBud bracelet, or some kind of freestyle beadweaving, as you can find in my RockPick bracelet. Not to mention, that such beaded beads can be very helpful in manipulating with your bracelet to put it on, especially with lobster clasp, and in drawing attention away from the clasp used. If you attach a tiny beaded bead to end of your necklace chain, it will make your creation look interesting not only from the front, but also from its back.

You may have enough of beads to make small earrings for example. These Arcean earrings were designed by me to use every silver round. bead and couple of Swarovski Xilion beads I had as a leftover.

You can creat a hair pin with a few different beaded beads.

But in case all these are not inspiring for you. Why not use last pieces of beads to make memory beaded bead as a souvenir about a town or a city you have last visited, or some special occasion? I had fun making them last year, and I did clean up some leftovers. Just make a peyote stitched round base for it and bead on top of it in free style as I have offered in my previous article.

Hope, I was able to inspire you for what can be done with few beads left. They really don’t deserve to be left in limbo.

I really appreciate your support! Sure give this article a 👏🏻 and if you are interested in my creations, follow me @Ofbeaddesigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find my patterns on Etsy.


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