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What is 1 gram of beads left? Not enough to make a project, but to much to throw them away. Here is what I usually do with them.

I really like to bead thin bracelets and bangles with or without a memory wire. Usually I make them with herringbone stitch and its slight modification. Or I also like to bead them with just a few rows of peyote stitch, which I then use as a base for beading on top of it. But you’d say, these require quite a lot of beads to reach a necessary length, and you’d be absolutely right. You do need some amount of your main color beads; however, you can make inserts of another color adding rhythm and new dynamic to your creation.

Have a look at these two bracelets. I have a main color gold in one case, and silver in another. The gold bangle has inserts of rows with silver beads in definite intervals, whereas the silver bangle has inserts of rows with mat off-white beads in grading intervals.

If I know, I have enough beads to spread in desired interval — I personally like to use inserts every 7 or 9 rows, just because it appeals to me better — throughout full length of my bracelet, I go for it. Even rhythm is better perceived by human eye. However, if I know, I don’t have enough leftover beads to use throughout the length of my bracelet or beaded rope, I prefer to make inserts in grading intervals — every 3, 5, 7, 9 and back or in reverses order — because you can end it any time, and your creation won’t look weird. In addition, inserts in grading intervals creates more drama, and you can use it well to help draw attention where you want.

Don’t throw away or lose in limbo those few beads you got left. They may add additional sparkle and interesting twist to your creation. All you have to do is to pick some color which may suit your idea and the main color of your creation, and count how many beads you are left with, so you can decide on how to spread them in your design.

In my next article I’ll speak about peyote based bangles, that I have mentioned.

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