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I’ve recently been getting more and more into DIYs, though this interest has probably been building over time, ever since I repurposed all the boxes of freebies I got during freshers last year. Naturally, when you want to find cool DIYs for your new flat or room in halls, or you want to find ways to keep your desk more organised as a student, you take those ambitions to Pinterest. So here is a list of some very interesting and simple DIYs to try out this new school year (links under pictures)

Desk Calendar

This first item interests me more as a total concept, rather than doing the actual ombre-ing part. I really like the aesthetic of this callendar — the frame and the letters are very beautiful. As for the ombre, I like it a lot, but I probably won’t get around to doing it. However, if you like watercolouring — you’ll love making this.

Succulent bookends

This one I am 100% doing this year when I move into my new flat. I really like these little plants, however, I feel like I’d be more inclined to put a different cactus on each side. One could call it a safety hazard, but cacti are really easy to look after and I always have a few in my room to simulate adulthood, because having plants=being an adult. I love the idea to glue cork on one side, because you can put some important notes, or alternatively in my case — part of your pin collection.

Bug repelent lotion bar

If you are like me and you hate bugs, you’d want this always by your side. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan on doing so once I move back to London. Fingers crossed it works as well as it looks (though mine most probably won’t be bug-shaped)

Drawer organisers

If you are anything like me, you tend to procrastinate to the point where you start cleaning and tiding in great detail! I would be rumaging through all of my belongings, trying to decide what I need and what I don’t for hours! This procrastination method usually derives from the fact that I get stressed when my room or other workplace is a mess. However, tiding a little bit usually turns into a whole adventure because I go from: can’t focus to would rather not focus on work. Hopefully, these organisers will keep me in check. I’m very much looking forward to trying them out

Mesh board

Cork board, mesh board, even a peg board — I love them! They are perfect for decoration, as well as organisation. It offers you a lot of freedom to be as creative as you want. You can buy them online as well as make them yourself. I offer a link with some ideas about what you can use a mesh board for


Alternatively, you can also hang it on your backpack or even on your hand luggage to recognise more easily at the airport.

Handmade bookmarks

If you want to spice up your book-reading experience maybe this style of bookmarks will be to your liking. You can even make them thematic depending on the genre you’re reading or even the book!

Pencil holder

As someone who eats a lot of beans and canned tomatoes, this one vividly interests me. Think about it — 55p. can of tomatoes and some 10p (maybe less) worth of paper (alternatively, any scrap paper you got for free from one of your art major friends) and voila — beauty!

And these are my back to school recommendations! I’m excited to try some of them this year and hope you’re looking forward to making some yourself.


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