DIY : Top 9 Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner – Building Our Rez – Medium

Your friend or fam just bought a house. They’re a classic case of deer in the headlights. Stoke level is extremely high — a space to put completely customize and call their own. Comfort level with the most substantial wire transfer ($$$) they’ve ever seen is extremely low. They could use a housewarming gift.


Don’t settle for a literal box of chocolates, right Forrest? Those bad boys will morph into rock-hard pellets of disingenuousness on the long-forgotten dry pantry shelf. Or be wolfed down in 2 minutes flat, never to be remembered.

That $3 bottle of almost wine? That thought does not count. Your friendship is worth more than 299 cents of sour grape water from Shudder Home, an actual Bearfoot or Yellowfail.

Buy something for the brand new homeowner that they will use, and use regularly. This carefully chosen item will remind them of you every time they use it. Might want to remove that zebra print toilet seat cover from your Amazon cart. Not the ideal location or position for positive friendship reminiscing.

What type of homeowner are they? Do they cook? Decorate? Love DIY? Practically live outside? Check out table of contents below and match your home-owning friend with their passion(s) to find the perfect gift(s)..

Happy gift giving!


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