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You’ve heard the TV plug advancing the “one-day bathroom”. Tub or shower wall panels SO progressive the group will come today, and you’ll be making the most of your new shower or tub anteroom by tomorrow. You’re interested and set an arrangement.

A hard-energizing businessperson indicates pushing flimsy the panels. The ONLY way you can get the AMAZING advantages of these panels is to have them professionally introduced by his organization. If you don’t sign today for this rare “uncommon”, you ‘ll need to live with your form pervaded tile grout joints until the end of time.

He has the unrivaled answer for your tub and shower recess issue. Presently, sign at all that matters before it’s past the point of no return. Your family’s safety is in question. This pushy thin-acrylic wall panel sales representative is offering you lies.

Picking the right tub and shower wall panel framework is not a one size fits all recommendation. There is nobody “best” framework. There ARE other incredible alternatives regardless of whether some high-weight in-home sales representative discloses to you generally. The objective of this article is straightforward: to locate the best framework for you whether you need to DIY the activity or leave the “driving” (or introducing) to others.

Myth #1

The ONLY kind of grout free shower wall panels accessible is made of acrylic. They should be purchased and introduced through a “one-day-bathroom” deals fellow.

1/8″ thick acrylic shower wall panels sold by a one-day- bathroom shower panels sales representative is in no way, shape or form the main shower wall panels out there. As a rule, they aren’t the best alternative since acrylic is thin and delicate to work with (the dark butyl tape they are introduced with is untidy and the acrylic grows and contracts to make it harder to work with than you may suspect).

Myth #2

If you believe you’re getting a one-piece wall panel framework, you’re likely being tricked. You need to rebuild your home and get a totally consistent wall panel framework. No joints anyplace even in the corners.

If you’re assembling another home this is conceivable utilizing standard, not-extremely energizing fiberglass units which are gotten before the home’s surrounding is finished. In renovating regardless of whether you needed a totally consistent group it won’t fit through your entryway!

Some acrylic business people will assert they have a one-piece framework which is bowed at the corners. Actually despite everything they utilize trim pieces around the edges so it winds up not being a genuine one-piece framework.

The best choice for a redesigning venture, regardless of if it’s a standard or custom size, are separate panels for each wall. If you have a long wall (more prominent than 60″) you can even now get a constant panel without a crease utilizing 3/8″ thick strong surface.

Myth #3

Wall panel thickness is VERY important

Beyond any doubt — it’s more pleasant to have thicker (3/8″ thick) panels which are more scratch than a more slender decision. Actually, when thick or thin panels hold fast to the wall, the two frameworks will carry out the activity and beautiful.

If your statement is tight it’s OK to use the less expensive, more slender panels. The single word of alert is to ensure whatever thickness you utilize — introduce them with the producer prescribed glues. An incredible item which doesn’t stick appropriately is a fiasco.

Myth #4

Custom estimated showers are unrealistic with grout free wall panels. You should utilize tile for these ventures.

This fanciful story is kept alive by not-exceptionally proficient rebuilding temporary workers and those wearing the orange frocks at your nearby home focus store. Here’s a reality for you. You can get a custom estimated strong surface shower panel as large as 144″ x 100″. If the strong surface doesn’t excite you, the PVC composite and polished panels have crease pieces to go past the standard 48″ and 60″ wall panel sizes.

Try not to agree to tile if you have an expansive stroll in the shower. Long wall panels do exist to make enormous showers work. They will enable you to dump your frightful tile scour brush for the last time.

Myth #5

You require exceptional instruments to do the establishment

Doing any DIY undertaking can get WAAAAY more costly if you wind up purchasing unique instruments to carry out the activity. In these occasions, you would have been exceptional off enlisting a contractual worker.

The truth of the matter is most shower and tub wall panel occupations can be introduced with straightforward carpentry instruments. Some mainstream instruments utilized incorporate dance saws, switches, table saws, gap saws, wood workers knife, and bores. Don’t chicken out handling this activity since you don’t think you have the apparatuses. Ask your material distributor what instruments are required. Read the established guidelines. Watch any establishment recordings you can get your eyeballs on.

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