DIY : Tile and Grout Cleaning — Mistakes That Need to Be Avoided

Experts recommend that homeowners should get their tiles and grout professionally cleaned once every six months to ensure they remain clean and in the best shape possible.

However, that doesn’t mean routine tile and grout cleaning is any less important than professional cleaning for proper upkeep of tiles and grout.

It is equally important, probably even more, for its often during regular cleaning that homeowners tend to make mistakes which cause irrevocable damage to tiles and grout.

What are these mistakes?

Using Bleach as a Cleaning Agent

Many homeowners view bleach as a kind of heavy duty, all-purpose cleaning solution. Since tiles and grout are naturally hard to clean, it’s common for homeowners to reach for a bottle of bleach to get the job done.

Unfortunately,using bleach only causes more damage to your tiles and grout.

Reactive and toxic in nature, bleach can destroy the protective coating on your tiles and can leave your grout lines discolored. It is a big no-no for tile and grout cleaning.

Over Wetting the Tiles

When cleaning tiles, homeowners tend to over wet them. You shouldn’t do that. The minerals present in tap water can damage and stain your tiles. Moreover, excessive wetness can lead to dirty and dingy grout lines and may cause them to crack.

Use water conservatively when cleaning your tiles, and mop the surface with a dry soft cloth as soon as you are done with the cleaning chore.

Excessive Scrubbing of Tiles and Grout

Tiles and grout should be scrubbed once in a while to be properly maintained. However, because some stains on tiles can often be hard to get rid-off (and grout naturally being hard to clean), many homeowners resort to excessive scrubbing on a regular basis. This practice is not good;it can cause damage to your tiles and grout.

Vacuuming Tiles with Beater Bar

Routine maintenance of tiles and grout in the form of vacuuming is a norm. You can vacuum clean them, but make sure you remove your vacuum’s beater bar before using it on a hard surface floor like tile. The beater bar can leave your tiles scratched.

Routine maintenance of your tiles and grout can help in their upkeep in between professional cleanings, but only if you do it the right way.

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