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By: Michelle Ayr

No pain, no gain. False eyelashes, hair extensions, and acrylic nails are pure examples of that. Nevertheless, improvements in the cosmetics production imply that the production of these brands have become safer and easier for us to use, while still maintaining the natural beauty assets. Without any questions, nail art and long claws are still playing a big part on the hands of celebrities and socialites. (Cardi B, we see you girl!)

But with glamour, come some drawbacks: glues, polishing, electric tools, and chemicals that make nails dull. Not the first things that come to mind when thinking of healthy nails, huh? Due to these, nails are left looking dull and damaged months after extensions and fillings.

What many don’t know is that acrylic nails don’t have to make your nails brittle and weak with the right application and aftercare every two-three weeks. The damage that many do encounter come from the nail technicians that tend to be aggressive when taking off the nails and applying a fresh pair.

Visiting a qualified and insured nail technician is key to keeping your nails healthy and not having to sacrifice your healthy nails for glamour. But for times that we did not have the appropriate knowledge to pick a perfect manicurist, here are some tips to securing the health of your nails while not stealing the charm from your manicure.

1. Gloves

Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning! The harsh chemicals could get on or under nails and damage your manicure and health of your nails.

2. Cuticle Oil

We recommend OPI’s Nail & Cuticle Oil, $16

Applying cuticle oil twice a day will soften your nail beds and nourish your nails allowing them to not get super brittle and thin, so they are as healthy as possible when you decide to get extensions or fills on your acrylics or just want to take them off.

3. Nail Strengthener

We recommend Essie’s Millionails Treatment, $10

This can sound like a big duh to many, but most forget the importance of using a nail strengthening top coat.

4. Homemade Remedies

For the DIYers out there, this homemade nail strengthening remedy will make your nails bounce back to health in as little as two to four weeks after applying two times a week. By mixing three tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon one lemon juice in bowl, place your fingertips inside for a total of 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Get a Gel Manicure Instead

For those of us who can’t not go to the salon to get our nails done, try a “gel” manicure the next time you opt for a nail session. The “gel” manicure lasts longer and is beautiful and shiny and not as damaging for your nails as acrylics are.


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