DIY : The Project – Eco CamperVan – Medium

Make a state-of-the-art eco-friendly camper van based on an iconic old timer, to travel the world (sister project).

Objective: Become a must-see for DIYers willing to restore an old timer and/or convert a van into a camper.


  • State-of-the-art.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Towards self-sufficiency and self-sustainability.
  • Aesthetic, minimalist-ish, punchy, colorful-ish.
  • Vanlife spirit.
  • Science, DIY, open source.

My Personal Objectives

  • Have a vehicle to travel the world.
  • Do activities I like:
     › Design, science, engineering.
     › R&D, problem-solving.
     › Practical, hands-on, DIY, making.
  • Learn and teach knowledge.
  • Gather people around a common goal.
  • Share experiences.


  • Document the project, from the idea to the final result — including all intermediary phases.
  • Detail the ideation/R&D process — including products/materials comparison, testing/prototyping, decision-making.
  • Teach the science and know-how related to each part of the work.
  • Open source the project.


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