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The Internet of Things

No, not that one. I don’t think I even know what that is…Internet of Things or IoT. I just know that it’s widely used and of course I will google it just like I do everything else. This story/anecdote/blog whatever you wanna call it has to do with that. The fact that we use Internet for everything and I mean everything. I kid you not I ask Google questions about my love life because I’m that clueless and no, it doesn’t help in case you’re wondering.

So, where do I begin? I guess I’ll start with how I’m so influenced by everything that people have told me about skincare or just trying new things and like a fool I’ve spent years of my life trying out silly things that I heard were ‘helpful’. The thing with generic advice or the advice that you read online is that they’re not wrong. They’re just generic. Nobody gives advice online as accurately as we expect. And we (read me), like naive folks that we are, go along with them and just wing it. We take that advice as guidelines or references loosely and then make them our own. Whether it’s DIY skincare or how to dye your own hair, they cannot be exact. But I on the other hand have burnt my finger, among other things, by trying everything I’ve read online and 9/10, they’re disasters. Now I don’t blame them because I did them myself knowing very well that they won’t work. Don’t we all love self-diagnosing ourselves and then end up worrying over it because WebMd always tells us we’ve Cancer. I’ve had pretty much every illness imaginable along with Cancer and it’s always scary so I now know to take it with a pinch of salt.

There was this time where I dyed my own hair for the first time and ruined my hair completely. I also have managed to learn how to cut my hair looking at about 1827346494994 Youtube Videos-at that I succeeded though. Also, it took me three days to perfect my haircut once. And I didn’t even get the feeling of a nice blow-dry.

I pretty much learnt makeup online. Yayy for beauty gurus!

But but…hear me out. I’m gonna say this very seriously, although I will continue to believe stuff on the Internet and solve my adulting issues by googling and winging it…I’m just gonna say it-

Never Trust Anything You Read on the Internet.

Just don’t…or you’ll end up with terrible hair colour or cut or bruised skin or worse you’d be convinced that you have some serious illness. I’m telling you.

Google it!


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