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The Hidden Costs of Moving

You are a real “Do it Yourselfer” (DIY) and you prefer to move yourself for your upcoming move. You have previously looked into moving with a professional and decided to move yourself after receiving numerous quotes. What you could not know is that there are hidden costs to moving yourself.

Listed here are a few hidden costs of moving yourself:

Time Involved
 Moving yourself takes up your time. Don’t leave out the time involved to pack. That on its own can take weeks or months for several people. Arranging your home for moving requires you to railings, remove doors and more. You need to disassemble furniture and other pieces such as desks, entertainment units, beds and more. Also, you also need to load anything and everything into the truck, drive to your new residence and then unload everything. Later you return the truck.

Time Off
 Moving yourself causes you to lose income or vacation days. You will figure out and analyze the total amount of time involved for the time spent pickup up the truck, loading, driving, unloading, setting up, and returning the truck.

Rental Costs
 The costs connected with renting a truck are not often advertised. Some of these costs not included are the fuel and insurance. Some of the other costs that can be added after the move are additional km charges, refueling charges and cleaning fees. Another component to consider is that you could rent the incorrectly sized truck. This miscalculation can cost you extra for a longer rental period or will push you to make numerous trips. Also, you might need to rent moving blankets, moving pads and moving equipment.

Personal Injuries
 You will need to be very careful when moving or you might get an injury. For many, their body isn’t used to the heavy lifting. Plenty of people avoid using proper lifting techniques and hurt themselves during the process. Going fast is when unwanted injuries can happen. That injury could cost you time off or could result in permanent injury.

 Reliable friends are difficult to get and this could be another hidden cost of moving yourself. How are you affected when friends don’t show up on the moving day? This can force you to have to reschedule your move at the last minute. You may lose your deposit or have to hire help.

 You’re going to be accountable for your own damages. Different from a moving company, who files a claim when something is damaged. When a friend or family member damage things it becomes challenging and most can’t ask them to pay for damages. This is another example of unwanted costs of moving yourself.

While moving would seem simple and easy, it is vital to remember the above factors when planning your move.

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